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Second verse, same as the first

March 14, 2012

So today I decided to combine two of the posts for the 30 day knitting challenge. I did this because of the way I knit. The two today are: What is on your needles and do you have any other WIP’s (works in progress) going on? I tend to have multiple projects going on, usually in various places through the apartment and usually to correspond to what I feel like working on. The list of current items as of now, in no particular order.

1. Lace shawl (from previous post)
2. Tiny elephant toy (gift for a friend’s child)
3. Baby blanket (for donation)
4. 2nd sock in a pair (for my husband, who btw has very large feet, it really is a labor of love)
5. 2nd sock in a pair (for me, who has very small feet, though it is nowhere closer to getting done)
6. Baby blanket (for donation)*
7. Gift for a friend’s wedding
8. Baby blanket (for donation)*
9. 2nd lace shawl (this one is kind of on hiatus)

*I am actually crocheting a border on these and so I still consider them WIPS

Most of these are in various levels of completion and I know I will get them done in a few weeks/months (depending on course work,) so it doesn’t really bother me to have that many projects. Which seems funny if you know me, I tend to like to having things in order, nice and neat and so for me to have this many different projects seems odd. The only way I can explain it is that I think, I see them as individual pieces not as a group of WIPS and so it is easier to have multiples. If that makes any sense? It does in my head (okay sometimes it does.)


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