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Where I run into walls…

May 11, 2012

In a moment (or two) of sheer brilliance on my part (insert dripping sarcasm,) I am in the midst of writing final papers for my first year, second semester of graduate school, on top of packing up my entire apartment and moving close to 500 miles away. (Cue the crazy) To say I am a stressed is akin to saying an elephant standing on your toe is a slightly uncomfortable. Now, there is something to be said for organization and planning (two things I am actually rather good at,) so you may be wondering why I would inflict this kind of punishment on myself, my husband and our cats? (To be fair the cats are just thrilled with the variety of boxes they can claim.) Well in a perfect world this wouldn’t have happened, I would be able to finish this semester and then a few weeks later we would beginning packing to fling ourselves across three states. This is in no way a perfect world. (Obviously.) So here I am a few days shy of final papers being due, in a seas of boxes, (note the cats enthusiasm has not abated,) packing materials and a losing battle with concentration. As an escape mechanism (because I doubt, running wildly into the night would be an acceptable response) of stress relief, I have been knitting. As I stated before I have figured out a vanilla sock recipe that works in such a way that I only need a single skein to make a pair. This is satisfying in and of itself. The current pair on my needles are a delightful (almost sickening) colorway. The yarn is a Knitpicks brand; Imagination Hand Painted Sock Yarn, with a colorway named: munchkin (I believe it is discontinued.) The color is very vivid (to say the least.)

Almost burns the retinas in real life.

Knitting this up has been interesting, in part because of the alpaca component. As a person who owns cats, I am forever attempting to remove stray feline hair from knitting (which in a very real way is a losing battle, but do I learn?) So the random stray alpaca hair has been a struggle to contain. The yardage was a little less than my previous pair, so I am making them a little shorter in the leg. (Thus far success.) I finished the first one last night, while taking a break to watch some television. ( I have a little more than have the yardage left, which should translate into a successful single skein/hank sock pair.) The color looks a bit different when knit up in sock form, mainly because of the short changes in color repeats.

I take these out whenever I feel like my brain might explode from everything. I can take the edge off by knitting a row (or ten.) While I do know that all of this will be done soon, and I can look back on it and have a good chuckle. In the moment the only laughing I feel like doing is the kind you have to do to prevent from crying. There is something funny about these socks that both my husband and I have commented on. They remind us of those old school Lifesavers candy packs, the funny (in a sad and kind of ironic way) thing is they kind of are a life saver at the moment.


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  1. It’s wonderful that you can find the humor in the middle of the havoc! I hope you get the time you need to unwind during your finals.

    Lovely yarn and sock, btw!

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