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Moving and Mittens

May 17, 2012

Well the week is winding down and the papers have been submitted, the packing is still continuing (nothing like a move to make you realize just how much stuff you have.) In the down time/breaks I started a pair of mittens, intending to finally start a pair for myself. I have had these two colors in mind for a while, but was toying with what to make. I settled on mittens thinking it would be a quick knit. I cast on with the lighter color (because I have more than one skein of that particular color.) As I zipped along I realized I didn’t like the lighter yarn as the main color, so I was going to frog the thing and start over.  While I was thinking this over, my husband commented that he liked the colors, he pleaded with me (okay pleaded is a strong word, more like commented, but does that have the same ring?) to not frog them, instead would I make a pair for him. (Mind you he is a giant, and I am not so it’s close to double or triple in size.) Well I am a sucker, (and I hate frogging, especially a decently constructed mitten,) and so the mittens are going to him.

The color is a bit wonky.

The colors in the photo are a bit off, it is actually a pale green and a dark purple. If you take out three of the last green stripes (and purple ones as well) you will see about how much I added, (if that isn’t a symbol of love…) for the giant. I say all this tongue in cheek, I am glad he likes them, it’s always nice to have your hand knits appreciated. The colors are a bit more accurate in the picture below.


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