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Creativity Begets Creativity

June 18, 2012

Creativity begets creativity. (Or something like that.) Week three of the Camp Nanowrimo is off to a healthy start. I hit my word goal for today, and may still write more before the day is over with. Once again the book, No Plot No Problem has hit some of the key issues squarely on the head. ( I read it after experiencing some of them.) Through the push from last week, I found myself struggling to get the daily word count. This week I am finding my inner editor/critic rearing her head from the cage she was placed in for the contest. I found myself hesitating in quite a few areas, I would try to write a section, pushing the story in one direction, but as soon as I started writing it felt like crap and I would go back and delete it, or reread it and try to fix a plot hole. It took me working on one paragraph for close to forty-five minutes to realize what I was doing. This weeks seems to be shaping up to be a wrestling match with that inner critic. I find myself putting off writing, because it isn’t perfect. Instead of getting it written, I am trying to get it right. (This is a common issue people seem to have when writing. Something I have faced enough to know that it isn’t exclusive to the context.) I wish there was an easy fix, but I know there won’t be, I just need to keep pressing on and trying to shut her up.

In an effort to beget some creativity, I have turned back to some knitting. I completed a project for my friend’s birthday last week attempting to break through the wall that was halting my writing. This ended up helping a lot. This week it has been used as a way to soothe my frustration. I haven’t cast on for anything new, instead I am working on a few of the current WIP’s. I am almost done with my fifth section on wingspan, which has proved to be awesome for television knitting. I also worked some on my friends blanket. And during a trip up to visit my Dad for Father’s Day I was able to make minimal progress on the sock I have had on the needles for quite a while. All three projects don’t require tons of concentration which has been nice to zone out to television to, but I can feel my fingers itching to get on with something a bit more challenging. Miles of garter stitch isn’t exactly stimulating to the brain. Which might be why I find myself spinning my wheels on the story front (or vice versa, that begets thing remember?) The problem that I am facing is I have no real idea what to cast on next. I have been browsing my queue on Ravelry on and off for the past few days and I still can’t find something that makes me want to jump into. I have toyed with the idea of getting a head start on holiday knitting, but I find myself still struggling with finding something that will make stimulate the creativity.

Any suggestions?



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