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In the Shade

July 23, 2012

It is scorching here. The kind of weather when even the wind feels hot. have never been a big fan of summer (in part because I burn at the drop of a hat.) In an effort to avoid the heat I have been hunkering down indoors and in the shade whenever possible. What does this mean for you? This avoidance was met with some good progress in terms of knitting and spinning.

Fresh off the needles my go anywhere socks. These are the ones I usually keep stashed in my bag to work on during car trips. I was getting close to finishing and instead of waiting until my next longer trip I watched a little television and zoomed right along.

Vanilla Socks

Basic vanilla pattern: Co 56 about 1 in ribbing and then straight along. Simple heel flap and short row heel. They are definitely fraternal rather than identical matches, but I love the way they turned out.

Holiday Hat 1

Next up is one of the hats I am making for the holidays. It’s a simple grey acrylic worsted weight yarn, knit on size 8 dpns. Pattern was improvised, CO 80 and did the 2X2 ribbing until I felt like switching, knit straight for as long as I thought and then did the decreases. I like the way it turned out, fits well and should work for the intended recipient.

Spinning wise I was able to sit down last Thursday night and get started with this little gem.

The picture doesn’t do it any real justice, it’s a deeper purple and just awesome. My husband his college roommate record on Thursday nights, for their youtube channel (they record them playing various games and their running commentary throughout. These two are hilarious, and definitely worth a quick peak, even if you don’t play. Go ahead give them a quick view and show them some love. I’ll wait.)-Shameless plugging finished and now back to our regularly scheduled fiber indulgences. Welcome back.

I was able to spin some more on Saturday and produced a pretty healthy start.

This is a little closer to the true color, but it was washed out some from the sunlight. The fiber is Wool of the Andes roving from Knit Picks, in Amethyst Heather. I picked this up when I got the other two colors, and it is spinning up really well. I would definitely recommend this to beginners as a fun way to play with some color.

Other than that I have been trying to avoid melting from the heat. Hope the rest of you are keeping cool.

I would love to hear from you, please share what you are working on in the comments.


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  1. socks are just a wonderful take anywhere project aren’t they.
    I always prefer socks that don’t exactly match

  2. candleowlknits permalink

    As a fellow “not a fan of summer” I would like to say that the reason I don’t like summer is that I can’t wear knitted gear anymore!

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