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Update for Tuesday

August 28, 2012

The past few days have been a blur, I have been battling a sinus infection (I think) for last little while. This was combined with a visit with a friend on Saturday. I finally saw the Hunger Games movie, which was actually pretty good. I’m pretty sure my husband enjoyed the movie more, which makes sense since it’s more his genre. During the movie I was able to complete the first of a new pair of socks for me. It has been on the needles for quite a while (It’s been my travel sock, and we really haven’t taken many trips lately, and our runs to the grocery store have been few and far between (as well as a short jaunt.) I have nicknamed them my fall socks, they are actually a deep orange and brown (not the faded shown below.) My husband and friend call them 70’s socks based on the color combos. I did immediately cast on for the second sock (in an effort to thwart Second Sock Syndrome.)

  Vanilla Sock pattern

I also worked on some spinning. I tried making a color repeating pattern in my yarn by combining three colorways of the same yarn.

Wool of the Andes: Hot Rod Heather, Persimmon Heather, Salsa Heather

The first two bobbins I accidentally spun the colors in opposite orders, but I like the way the plied yarn turned out.

Plied yarn

That’s it for now. How has your last weekend gone?



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  1. “I did immediately cast on for the second sock (in an effort to thwart Second Sock Syndrome.)” Good thinking! Although I would caution you… Second Sock Syndrome is nothing if not persistent. Keep knitting!

    • I know the dangers of second sock syndrome all too well. I read somewhere that it helps to cast on for the second one right away, and thus far it seems to work, now of course, since I said that I will inevitably fall down the SSS hole. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. I love your sock – and hope that you’re much better by now!
    I have only managed to read two of the three Hunger Games series, but liked them a lot; especially, because some of it reminded me of Orwell’s “1984”.
    My mum, however, watched the first movie and found it excellent. 🙂

    I love your sock! And be proud to wear them – your feet, so it’s your colour choices as well 🙂

    • Thanks! I am still battling with the sinus issues, but hopefully getting closer to being better. I definitely can see the connection to Orwell’s now that you mention it. A whole new level of interesting, thanks!

      • Pleasure! I love to read Science Fiction, epecially Dystopias … apparently, my life’s not bad enough yet. :mrgreen:

        Have you tried using camomile? You can get the blossoms at the pharmacy here in Germany; if you can’t get them (which I can’t imagine), try to cut open bags of camomile tea.

        Take 1 or 2 tablespoons (it’s usually indicated on the bag) into a large bowl of hot water. Wait a little bit (not too long or it will be too cold, but also not too little, or you’ll burn your face!), then put a big towel over your head and the bowl (like a little tent) and inhale the fumes! It’s best to do this in the evenings, so you can snuggle up in bed right after doing this.

        I’m probably carrying coals to Newcastle, but I have found it immensely helpful whenever I had a cold, bronchitis or sinus infections …

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