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September 7, 2012

Thanks for coming back for another venture in the Fresh From the Needles series.

This week has been busy, and hectic, and all sorts of emotional. My former grad school started their classes this week, and it has been rather difficult watching people post photos and updates of back to school, for the last few days. Thankfully the weather has decided to finally be nice and give us a first taste of Autumn. It has still been crazy warm, but we have lucked out and gotten a few cool nights (enough that we can turn off the central air.) We have also gotten some much-needed rain (always a favorite) which has made the prospect of the coming season seem more real. In terms of projects there have been triumphs and failures. What follows is a list of what’s fresh from the needles:

Triumph: Fall Socks

Fall Socks

Knit using my usual basic vanilla pattern. I cast these on way back in July (sad I know) and finally finished them. While slightly difficult to tell the darker color is actually brown (not black.) Whenever I see these two colors together I can’t help but think of nice big crunchy leaves that mark the Autumn season. My husband and my best friend nicknamed them my retro socks because the colors hearken back to the 1970’s, (which might be true, but I prefer to think of them as an homage to my favorite season.)

Yarn: Knit Picks, Stroll Fingering- Butternut, Knit Picks, Gloss Fingering-Timber
Pattern: My own vanilla sock recipe

Failure: Zebra Mitts

These were/are part of my 2012 Christmas list, meant for one of my nieces. I had cast these on a while ago, and was steadily making my way through the pattern. Unfortunately the yarn puckered more than a little (thanks in part to my lack of experience.) I ended up foregoing the last set of stripes, opting instead to make them fingerless mittens.

Too big

Somehow (probably my fault again) the top ribbing ended up being much looser than the bottom set. I also screwed up the bind off which ended up making them even larger. I have pretty small hands (and they were intended for a much younger person) and even so it ended up being huge. Right now I have it sitting in time out while I consider what to do with it. Luckily (for once) I have only made up the one, which makes me feel a little less twitchy about the idea of frogging it.

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft- white and black
Pattern: Little Zebra Mitts

Triumph: Giant socks

Size 14/15!

I finished another pair of socks for my large footed spouse this week. They were originally intended as a Christmas gift, but ended up being a just because present. This is a modified version of my basic pattern (to accommodate the largeness.) One sock ended up taking me around 10 hours to knit (while watching a television show in the evenings,) but they fit and are cozy. I wasn’t crazy about the yarn when I first started because it seemed a little scratchy, but they have softened up a bit after the initial soak and wear.

Yarn: Lion Brand Sock-Ease- Toffee colorway
Pattern: My own vanilla sock recipe, modified for size

Draw: Holiday Hat #2

Gray hat #2

I am calling this a draw as the hat ended up needing a rip and re-do because of a sizing issue.

Yarn: Impeccable Loops and Thread- gray
Pattern: My own

Draw: A Cowl of My Own

Cowl-Own Design

This was my first attempt at not only a cowl, but using my own pattern. A little cowl for the first chill of Autumn, it was created on a whim. The design is straight forward and simple. The stripes are grouped in pairs, and an extended break between each pair. I don’t know if it technically counts as a design piece, but I love it.

Cowl for me

Yarn: Knit Picks Comfy- Marlin, Bison
Pattern: My own design

That makes Knitting 1: Introverted Knitter 2: Draw 2.  Not too shabby for such a crazy week.

How’s your knitting coming along?

  1. Nice work! Sorry to hear about your troubles with the Fair Isle, that’s a common problem in a first project so don’t despair. Next time, just watch to make sure that your floats are nice and loose, and it will go fine. (Also sounds like maybe a gauge issue going on but that’s a different matter).

    I’m really enjoying reading your blog and seeing how very productive you are with your knitting! I’m a bit stuck creatively at the moment but working on blasting my way through the block and getting back to it. When fall finally gets here, that will surely help.

    • Thanks for the tip about the fair isle, I thought I was being pretty loose with the floats, but looking at it again, it seems that I pulled a little to tight in a few spots, oops. In terms of sizing, my issue with the bind off ended up being the biggest issue.I don’t know what I was thinking when I did that particular one. Ha Ha, at least it isn’t the 24 of December and this happened.

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