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Inside Out

September 10, 2012

There has been a disturbing trend the last two years. It happens around the same time every year. The transition from summer to fall/winter clothing. It has occurred in two different states, in at least two different stores. Now I will whole heartily admit, I am not fashionable (by that I mean, I tend to opt for the oh-so-fabulous jeans and a t-shirt most of the time) I have little to no problem with those who are (although I do not understand the whole exposing your underwear or the bits that are normally covered by such, but that is a post for another day.)

I am a knitter, which shows up in random ways; I tend to wear hand knit socks in funky and fun colors. I may wear a shawl (if it ever got cold enough again.) I notice knitwear in movies and shows, much to the chagrin of my husband. It also means I tend to pay attention to the “knit” items that go on display at local department stores. Sometimes I look at a hat or a scarf and note the color combo. Other times I look at the construction of a sweater, thinking of ways I could devise my own, with mods that I prefer.

But as I said earlier in the post there is a disturbing trend I have noted for the last two years. It started with mittens last year, some beautiful stranded color work mittens, lined with a soft faux fur. A rich cream background with deep purples and burgundy creating a little motif of flowers or stars, I think. This year it’s a skirt, a monochrome black,white and gray little number. A stranded construction creating a series of stripes made up of diamonds and a clever set of triangles acting as a border. (There is also a tan, pink/purple version available.) This sounds wonderful right? As a knitter the idea of seeing a nice color work construction in a department store seems almost like a dream. Finally knitwear is branching out, we can get our recognition, the masses will soon bend to our clever knitterly ways, (even though it’s machine knit and factory assembled, baby steps right?)

Except this dream has turned into a nightmare, or at the very least has left me scratching my head. If you note above, when describing the mittens I was unsure of the actual motif. It wasn’t because I am unable to tell one from the other (or that it was done in such a way that left any doubt.) No, it’s because there is a trend in fashion lately to turn the colorwork design inside out! I will wait as you process that absurdity. Yep those brilliant mittens that were a perfect color and an example of fine stranded work- INSIDE OUT, I couldn’t even seem the damn pattern because they had lined them. The first time I saw them I thought that a pair had been turned inside out and left to languish. Nope, there was a whole stack of them.

This year it has branched into skirts. Here I am two states away from the city where I was last year and the trend has carried over. Again the first time I saw it I thought someone had just turned the skirt inside out, hung it up wrong. I went up to the display and flipped the skirt “right side out” and found a seam running up the side. It was made to be worn inside out.

The guilty party

Am I the only one scratching my head at this?


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  1. yournotmonalisa permalink

    I have seen that before! I kept flipping it back and forth because I couldn’t believe it. I though it was a mistake. I had to laugh because if you knit it just seems like a really dumb idea.

  2. All that work and just turn it inside out? Why?? I don’t get trends sometimes. I’ll keep my color work right side out, thank you very much.

  3. Weird indeed…

  4. Great post. This is why I, also, am not a fashionista. ‘Cause that’s just dumb…

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