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FFNF: Done Like Dinner

September 17, 2012

Thanks for checking in for a special Monday edition of Fresh From the Needles. This post is a few days late due to the limited time to complete a project for my Grandmother who visited this past weekend. Tune in below to find out just far I made it during Crunch Time.

First up are the mitts that are part of my projects for the 2012 Holidays

Holiday 2012 Mittens

These are part of a gift set, the second portion to be a matching cowl. The mittens are my own creation, using an afterthought thumb and a simple striped pattern.

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft: Colorways- DK Country, Berry Blue

Next up the fruits of my hurried labor.

Mitts for Grandmother’s Birthday

Yes that’s right I did finish in time. This was doubly surprising because I ended up having to frog the first attempt (shown before) due to some serious issues with the pattern. Instead I went with the Classic Pattern available for free on Ravelry. (Note the link will take you to the actual website instead of the Ravelry page) I have made this pattern a few times before, but these are by far the nicest version I have ever made with that pattern. I finished these Friday evening around 6pm and debated for a while if I should cast on for something else. I felt a little bad only giving the mittens (I can’t quite say why I felt bad, but I did)

Hat for Grandmother’s Birthday

I ended up casting on around 9:30 pm that evening, after a couple false starts. I finished around 1 am and binding off and weaving in the ends before heading to bed. I am happy the way the hat turned out I was afraid it might be a bit to small, but it turns out it was a perfect fit.

Hat Pattern: My own vanilla pattern

Yarn for both projects: Stitch Nation by Debbie Stroller, Bamboo and Ewe: Colorway-Eucalyptus- 1 full skein as well as an additional 10 yards of a second skein. 



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