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Random:Monday Edition

October 8, 2012

In lieu of having a post that contains my vast words of wisdom (hey I can be wise, sometimes) I have opted instead for everyone’s favorite a random post. My weekend entailed staying pretty much confined to the couch, (or bed) which meant that all the grand plans I had for this weekend were put on hold.

The first thing :I did make amazing progress on one part of my BF’s Christmas project, but since I know she is stalking here  reads this occasionally I will forgo sharing the details until after the holidays. Suffice it to say that it’s a pretty epic gift (already) and I am nowhere near done.

The second thing: I did manage to spin a bit more of the baby camel, I still suck at it, although I have found spinning it a bit thicker has helped

The third thing: I was able to skein up my two latest projects and give them a good bath. The WOTA tri color turned out pretty well this time, small amount of blooming (which I anticipated,) but still I am pretty darn pleased with the way this turned out. It ended up being about 132 yds. of a 2 ply.

seen here in a not quite dry state

Secondly I was able to skein of the BFL fiber I finally managed to finish spinning a few days ago. This ended up being the final amount of the oatmeal BFL natural fiber in this soft gray color. Which makes me a bit sad because I have grown quite fond of this little number, it clocked in at around 124 yds.

Luckily I have a sibling skein of this, tucked away in my stash. Along with the WOTA spinning I am hoping I might be able to get a cool colorwork type mitten/hat set, but we’ll see.  I am still at the point where I am not spinning to a specific project, but I had a pair of mittens in mind when I was considering the colors for the WOTA so does that count?

The fourth thing:I cast on and made some progress last night on cabled hat. I am not positive who it will be for, but since I am sure I can find a good home for it I am not worried. (Who knows maybe I will actually end up keeping this one, there’s a first for everything.)

It’s still pretty new in terms of project status, but it’s zooming along nicely. It is knit out of acrylic, because there are few people I know in my life who aren’t crazy allergic (or have at least a mild aversion to the whole wooly business)

Pattern: Irish Hiking Hat-Improved. (link will take you to the actual website) Yarn: Simply Soft: Berry Blue

The fifth thing: I’m still sick, and have hit the point where foods and beverages taste off.

Now I am off to knit and catch up on sleep. How was your weekend?



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  1. Nice spinning! It looks so squooshy and perfect for this time of year!

    • Thanks, if only it would dry faster!

      • undermostsalamander permalink

        Oh man, I feel you on that! The drying is possibly my least favourite part of spinning…and knitting (on day 3 waiting for my sweater to be dry enough to sew together)!

  2. Craftie Allie permalink

    Awe hope you feel better soon!!

  3. Mal permalink

    I like the hat so far. What does WOTA mean?

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