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FFNF: Hats

October 12, 2012

This past week I completed two hats which doesn’t seem like a lot in the grand scheme of things, but I actually ended up frogging a few projects (sad, but necessary) and working on the hand spun scarf so in terms of completed projects there are just the two hats.

First up a hat for my Dad’s birthday.

Dad’s Hat

This marks my attempt to determine if my dad is someone I will continue to knit for. I made him a scarf back in 2010 and discovered it on the floor of the entryway of his house. I had held off making him anything since then, but have come to realize that I know the organizational habits of my parents and it could have been one of the most used scarfs on the planet it just ended up there. So this is my attempt to determine if he is knit-worthy* or not.

I used some super wash wool and some of the KP Wool of the Andes for the stripes. I can safely say I am not the biggest fan of the super wash wool. It was very squeaky and felt odd in my hands, I had picked up the grey ball and a pink one back in 2010 (?) when I was starting back up with my knitting, hence why it was used. The WOTA’s was okay to work with, but definitely a scratchier yarn than I am used to.

The hat itself is a made up pattern, with a different decrease along the top than I normally do. It turned out well, fits my giant of a husband well, and should be a perfect fit for my dad.

New hat decreases

Next up is a hat I made, simply because I have been wanting to try a cabling on a hat. I have been cruising for a pattern for a few months now, never finding the perfect one. This past week I just decided to bite the bullet and cast on with some left over yarn I had from a holiday present.

Cabled Hat

Pattern: Irish Hiking Hat-Improvised–Yarn: Caron Simply Soft

I liked this pattern it was easy and straightforward enough to be good for a beginner, but I think it is quick enough that an advanced knitter wouldn’t be too bored. I ended up only making three cables (optional fourth) and the hat ended up being a bit smaller than I would like (I prefer hats to cover all of my ears, not just the tops) but it went into the holiday stash box in hopes of finding a new home this Holiday Gift-Giving season.

Do you like making hats? What do you look for in a pattern? Beanie?Slouchy? Beret? Earflap? Share in the comments below.

  1. Nice hats! Interestingly, I do make hats from time to time but don’t actually wear them myself. My first real hat project was a chevron beret for my daughter, which turned out to be a mistake because it was probably a little too hard for me, and the double-pointed needles made me almost insane. I did finish it but haven’t made much in the way of hats since.

    Yours are lovely though and it’s the right time of year so I probably should make up a few. I have a son at college in Iowa where it gets really cold; he has alpaca mittens but maybe needs a new hat to go with it. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • I remember Iowa winters, (from there for most of my life) they can get down right miserable sans hat. Definitely a great idea for a little surprise!

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