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Handmade Holiday Update

October 16, 2012

Holiday knitting is continuing, with a rather increased fervor as I finally put yarn with project and plopped them into zip lock bags for easy access. The reality of the amount is a little staggering, but hope springs eternal (for now.) I have made headway on a few different projects, with one already 1/3 of the way completed (it’s a combo mittens and hat set) the hat is finished and I am almost half way done on the first mitten,. Photos will have to wait as he or she may read this blog.

In terms of the holiday knitting status the fact is I have to try to get three people off my list a week, which isn’t as terrifying as it sounds (there is that hope again.) As of now I think I can safely do this and finish with enough time to spare. I do plan on participating in Nanowrimo this coming November which may  increase the challenge as the holiday season approaches. For now I will keep my head down and my fingers moving as the knitting needles fly.

Now I must go back and finish those mittens!


How’s your Holiday Knitting/Crafting going?


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