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Going Back In Time

October 22, 2012

Confession: when I find a new blog or podcast  or television show, I often go back to their first posts (podcasts or episodes) and start reading (listening or watching) from there. It always surprises me how much I enjoy the trip “back in time.” The oldest posts I have read thus far have been from around 2004. This compulsion to read the first posts stems from the fact that often (and especially in podcasts and shows) there is often a set of “inside jokes” established by the time I start reading, viewing or listening. If I feel like I am missing something it is hard for me to focus on the current focus, so in an effort to get the “whole story” I find myself going back. One thing I tend to do (especially with blog posts and podcasts ) is consider what I was doing when a particular post was produced (at least in vague terms, I like to think I have a pretty good memory but not that good) It is kind of crazy for me to read a post from May 2006 and realize I was graduating high school at that time. Or the posts that happen to fall on my birthday, I know the blogger (or podcaster) has no idea who I am (at least at that time) but I sometimes wonder if they have said something that would be meaningful or of significance to my life. If something memorable happens in the world I often wonder if the person will discuss it, or not. (Often they do, but it’s interesting to be reading it from the perspective of someone on the other side) One thing that really drives my desire to go back to the beginning is that I enjoy getting to know the blogger (podcaster, television show) from the beginning.

As I posted last week I also think it stems from my fascination with the untold story idea. Granted the fact that these people have a blog (or podcast) and that I am able to access means that the whole “untold thing is moot” , but it is still along the lines of realizing life continues around you. ( A notion I struggled with as a young child, especially when it came to my visiting my grandmother’s home. I can still remember the first time I realized that she would go about her life when we weren’t there (and that her life wasn’t just on hold until we arrived) I couldn’t have been more than maybe five or six?) It goes back to the idea that life is a bigger thing than just your small world and even though people come into your small space they aren’t just side kicks or guest appearances, they are their own stars.

In terms of a television show it always is fun to see what was culturally relevant at the time ( I used to love watching old movies recorded from the t.v. and watch the commercials and news updates (yes I know it probably seems odd, but big surprise I am odd.) Even shows that are only a decade old carry a time stamp that reveals the differences between then and now, often in the form of what was considered risqué or controversial then and what is acceptable now. It’s fun to watch shows that have been on the air for a while (4+ years in my opinion) and see not only how much they have changed (usually for the better in terms of acting and writing) but also in terms of technology and language. Even period pieces reveal the changes in our own time. The graphics tend to get better, the accuracy tends to improve and the way we relate to the shows changes the way they work. (How many shows even just a year or two ago had advertisements for twittering or chatting real-time with a star or writer?)

This is one thing I love about history it’s a chance to have a snap shot of someones life, that day, week or month. Technology is allowing us a chance to reclaim some of the otherwise untold stories and to really travel back in time.


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  1. So glad I am not alone! I also have developed certain “rituals” when doing this – eating something special, drinking tea and reading … It is amazing to start at the beginning of the writer’s journey a couple of years later and simply follow the path he or she and his/her commentators and followers have already trodden on.

  2. danadoodle permalink

    I definitely do that too. Sometimes I go through so many vlog/blog posts that I start thinking/writing/talking like that person. It’s crazy how easily we are affected by what we consume.

  3. Many blogs do not have way to go back to earlier stuff. Some you can’t even get day before. I don’t understand.

    • If you are clicking on the home page (instead of the daily post) you can access the previous posts. Other blogs have archives you can access, (this is available as a widget on WP blogs, can’t say how it’s done for other formats.) Depends on the blog I suppose.

  4. I do the same thing with blogs!
    A little tangent! When we were kids, my cousins and I would watch ‘Return to Oz’ taped from tv on a VHS tape and it wasn’t until we were in our 20’s that we bought a copy and realised that we were missing a good 10 minutes from the movie all those years! Those 10 minutes explained alot!
    Now to the point, some of our favourite ‘parts’ were the commercials. In particular, a Clamato commercial on a golf course that sees golfers being sprayed with tomato juice and running for cover. I can still picture it!

    Thanks for the prompt, it’s always nice to take a trip down memory lane!

    • Glad to hear I am not alone! That commercial sounds pretty hilarious, and in terms of the movie I can imagine the difference it would make!

  5. I do the same thing! And in fact, I was just re-reading some of my posts from a year ago and having a good chuckle over the details I’d forgotten!

  6. Great post. Check out this it goes along with what you wrote Check this out

  7. Q – LOL! And I thought I was the only one who did that!

  8. I love reading blogs from the beginning! I’m always curious to see how the blogger’s writing style & voice has developed over time.

    • That is one of my favorite parts, it’s fun to go back and forth, see where they were starting out and where they are now (especially if they have been at it for a while.)

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