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The problem with stealth knitting

November 19, 2012

This past weekend was pretty busy. I went up to my alma mater for some meetings for my Fraternal organization. Due to some near last-minute scheduling changes, (i.e. illness) my best friend was unable to drive up there with me (she drives, I knit.) Luckily in the mad scramble that is always present with change, I was able to work it out and my husband drove up there. (We have one car, which normally isn’t an issue except in times like this.) As we got ready to get on the road I realized I needed to plan my knitting. (Well actually I needed to re-plan my knitting.) This past weekend the plan was to ride up with my friend, stay the night (as she went home) and then have my husband pick me up, which would have meant about 24 hours of prime time stealth knitting.

With the change in driving situation I was forced to abandon my stealth knitting project for the weekend and instead I worked on a pair of socks for him (that he already knows about.) As we drove home I reflected on the pitfalls of attempting stealth knitting, the biggest one is the fact that you often lose out on prime knitting time, when you happen to live with the intended recipient.




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  1. Craftie Allie permalink

    I have this issue a lot, because I enjoy knitting for my fiance and our roommates. But my fiance says that I could knit in front of him and he wouldn’t notice what I was working on, just that I was knitting. Still, it’s difficult. And sometimes you want to ask their opinions because they are RIGHT THERE but that isn’t very stealthy haha.

  2. Sorry I failed to give you stealth knitting time! Stupid slowly dying at a slightly faster rate than everyone else’s slowly dying… If it’s any comfort, my evil cold (which is still not gone, btdubs) has made me fall drastically behind on my mom’s gift and everyone’s Christmas ornaments. I may have to scrap the homemade ornaments this year and go with store bought. 😦

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