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Size matters

November 21, 2012

In terms of knitting and the required time needed to finish an item at least. Productive and happy news on the home front. I finally (finally) finished the stealth knitting project (let the chorus of joy begin.) Now there was nothing particularly fancy about this project. I used my plain vanilla pattern for simple socks, modified for my husband’s feet. I cast these things on way back in September (just two days over the 2 month mark.) I believe at the time my husband was vaguely aware of the fact that I was casting on for them. But as the parade of WIPS goes in this place, he (and I) forgot about them shortly after. I am one of those knitters who likes to have a lot of different projects on the needles at once. I like having the complicated stuff for when I feel the need for a challenge/ have a quiet period where the cats are driving me up the wall. These can often be long-term projects as well, sometimes but not always. I usually have what most people call t.v. knitting, you know the simple enough to do that you don’t have to constantly keep track of a pattern. Based on the spacing of holidays/birthdays I usually am working on something for someone as well, this can vary between the simple to the complicated.  I also have traveling projects, things I like to take on the road (since I don’t usually drive) these also vary depending on the trip and the time of day. Along with all of this I (almost) always have a few pairs of socks in progress. Normally I will stuff one in my bag as we head out the door, knocking off a few rounds as I wait for the dentist or on the way to the store across town.

The length of time to complete the stealth knitting stemmed from the fact that my knitting had to be done in secret. It also had to be done around my rather increasingly busy schedule. As the casual visitor to the blog may notice I am working on Holiday projects. I rationalized as I worked on one project after another (casting the stealth knitting to the wayside like some long forgotten toy) that since this was a semi-secret project the due date could be stretched a bit. So I worked on them at night after my husband had fallen asleep, just a few rounds here or there. I worked on them while taking breaks from NaNoWriMo (it’s going fine thanks for asking) I snuck in a few rounds as I traveled (sans husband.)  I felt the push to get them knocked out as soon as possible after my plan for extended work was thwarted by a sudden change of plans this past weekend.

Boom, done like dinner

As I worked on this past week, trying desperately to make the last of the second foot go faster, I realized that while I love knitting socks (turning a short row heel just makes me happy) there was definitely a difference in the amount of socks in this family. I have close to nine completed pairs that I have churned out in the last year and half since I started sock knitting, and my husband has exactly two (now three pairs) with a fourth pair in the works. Aside from the selfish reason that I am knitting them and therefore I will always end up with more. There is another reason that there is such a discrepancy in the amounts….

The guy has got some seriously large feet. It takes me about 10 to 12 hours to knit myself a plain pair.  For him it averages right around the 21-22 hour range. (Same yarn, different colorway obviously. Same size needles)

Yarn: Premier Yarns Serenity Sock Weight- I found the yarn to be a little splitty and pretty slippery. As I got it on a discount I am not going to complain too much, but I am not sure how well it will hold up. Time will tell I suppose.

Colorway: Woodsy Green


  1. For exactly that reason, I’m kind of glad my husband doesn’t like hand knit socks. He’d want boring colors in plain stockinette, and they would take forEVER.

  2. Right now I am so happy that my guy hasn’t got THAT large feet … 😉 And that I won’t be knitting something for him for Christmas for sure. I’ll crochet him something. For his birthday. And he’s TOTALLY going to flip out … :mrgreen:

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