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Wheel Work Part 1

December 19, 2012

Small aside. Today marks my three-year wedding anniversary. (Aww) I just wanted to give my husband and us a little shout out of yayness. … okay and now back to the regularly scheduled blogging.

I have been  busy knitting and weaving as the holidays draw near. I am down to my last few gifts (thank goodness) and it is looking like I will be able to finish in time (fingers crossed.) I have also decided to try something a bit new when it comes to gifts. I have a sister-in-law who knits and who has spent the last four years living abroad. Her family recently moved back to the states a few months ago. I have gone back and forth about whether I wanted to make her something or not. This is a tricky spot for me because I can safely say I have never been given a gift of hand knitting (unless it was made by me. I do have a mother who crochets some (blankets) and so I am not completely deficient in my fiber gifts.) But when it comes to actual gifts of the knitted variety I am rather inexperienced, and with the exception of a few people I haven’t actually given another knitter the gift of a hand knit.  Plagued with indecision I came up with a possible solution. While I thought it would be a great idea to make her something special, I realized that as a knitter who has spent four years abroad it might be a lot more fun getting to try out the yarn instead. (Another gift I haven’t actually received, since I consider being able to pick it out and order it myself as cheating. Not that I am complaining.) The plan was hatched and I have been busy spinning.

First up a lovely, as of yet un-plyed yarn. Prior to a good soak it is hard to tell for sure the weight, but I am hoping to hit somewhere between sport and DK. (I really should invest in a measuring tool)

Wool of the Andes. Merlot Heather

Wool of the Andes. Merlot Heather

This first image is to show the interesting aspects of the heather of the fiber. Some rich deep reds, mixed with a few shades lighter, and an almost red-black color that really popped out.

20121216_203342The first bobbin spun up.

Resting before plying

Resting before plying

And the two resting before I ply them up. I realized as I dug through my fiber stash that this was the closest to purple there was. I am thinking I might splurge and spin up some green as well. Just for a little variety.

Do you gift your fiber friends with your fiber creations? If you spin (or did) do you or would you give them some of your own hand spun as a gift? Which would you rather get, hand spun or a hand knit item?


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  1. Aww, happy anniversary! I’m not a good enough spinner to gift my yarn yet, but I would be tickled to death to get someone else’s hand-spun for Christmas (or any occasion, really).

  2. What a beautiful gift. I am a newbie in the spinning world, so next year is when I’ll be able to share the joy of handspun 🙂 mb

  3. First, congrats on your anniversary. Hope you two have a great day.

    As for knitted gifts, I have actually received several over the years. I find that I’m an extremely grateful recipient because unlike people who don’t knit, I know how much work the person put into it. Also, while I do knit for myself, the things that I received were usually either 1) things I don’t usually make (and therefore here I was, a knitter, without a single hat or gloves, until I received them as a gift) or 2) too challenging for my skills at the time so it was something I couldn’t make for myself.

    That said, I think the yarn is a very thoughtful gift. Knitters who don’t spin usually do not have access to handspun unless they want to pay crazy high prices and even then it’s not always the best quality. Frankly, I can’t think of a lovelier gift.

Care to share? Let me know what you think in the comments section.

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