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Pretty in Pinks- Don’t call it a come back

February 8, 2013

Huzzah! Instead of falling victim to the ever popular mad dash to the holiday season starting in October (okay let’s be honest it’s closer to the end of November most of the time) that tends to befall us crafters (well and everyone else, but stay with me.) I have succeeded in starting crazy early (aka now.) I decided to take at least one of my New Year’s resolutions to heart and create a long-range planning box,the lack of an actual physical box is not going to deter me right now. First up thanks to the effort of stashing down I pulled from the deep recesses of the stash two different colors of pink yarn. (If you know me, know these were never bought with myself in mind) but as luck would have it I happen to have a niece who is crazy for all things pink. She also loves hand knit anything (if this last Christmas is any indication.) Combining these two pieces of knowledge I was on the hunt for a relatively quick, but fun project. I had tried making her a skirt last year (it did not end well) and I am willing to admit I almost went down that rabbit hole again, but alas it was not meant to be (aka I realized how much I didn’t want to do it.) Instead I wanted something that would please an almost 6-year-old, (sigh I feel so old just typing that) which really is a crap shoot anyway.

In the end I decided to party like it was 2004 (or the 1970’s) depending on your preference.

20130207_002313This is the ever popular Yarn Harlot’s Poncho circa 2004. I chose it for a couple of reasons. I had very little of the dark pink left (serious running on fumes at the end.) I knew the little girl in question would love the dress up possibilities, and I wanted to try something other than a hat for gifts this year. I am more than a little happy about this little poncho. It’s adorable and ridiculously pink (which I don’t find nearly as annoying, once I know it isn’t intended for me.) The little fringe and the stripes just get me every time.

Project Notes:

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft- Dusty Rose and Light Pink

Needles size 10 (6.0mm)

Pattern: A Very Harlot Poncho -with tweaks

Now that at least one project is out-of-the-way here is hoping that I can keep the momentum going.


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