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Crafter’s Ennui

February 15, 2013

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. As the title of this post hints, I am experiencing a spell of listlessness in almost every aspect. Knitting in particular has taken a hard hit. I have numerous projects on the needles and while I am still progressing on them, I have come to realize they are all pretty basic. Socks, in various stages, languish on the needles, their tiny stitches working during idle moments. The blanket for my brother and soon to be sister-in-law is still progressing, the garter stitch rows stacking upon one another neatly. It is all so basic and I am afraid to say boring. I picked up my loom with little result, the color combos weren’t exactly working and I miss calculated on the amount of yarn I had. Spinning is still on hold thanks to my poor smooshed toes.

All of this is to say that in terms of blog fodder there doesn’t seem to be much of anything. I have experienced this before but snapping out of it has been more difficult. Maybe I will try some lace, something of a challenge and since the weather is supposedly warming up again sometime it might be nice to have a little shawl or wrap. Something exciting and daring. Have you ever suffered from crafter’s ennui? Tips or tricks to ”snap” out of it? Feel free to share in the comments. Otherwise have a good weekend.


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  1. Yes, this has happened to me! Yes, I’m human! I found it’s good to shake things up a little. Take a course — a short one, a week long one, or an online one (e.g. Craftsy which has a sale on right now). Drop into a local yarn store, park myself at the work-in-process table and work on something. Meet up at a coffee shop with like-minded people and knit. Grab a book with a project I want to experiment with and find someone local on online to work on it together. I always like going to the public library, grabbing a bunch of craft books and magazines off the shelves and immersing myself for an afternoon. My library has coffee, gas fireplaces and comfy chairs so it’s a nobrainer! In your area, there might be a knitting guild you can join.

  2. Q – I can’t even blame the winter when I get crafter’s ennui! Can’t really say San Diego has a “real” winter. I just figure my right-side brain needs a break from being creative, so I read for awhile. That seems to quiet my right-brain which was over stimulates by ideas and I can get back to it. 😎

  3. It’s funny how winter does that to us. I find bold colors and noteworthy texture (soft and fuzzy in particular, for me) helps. Any sort of extra sensory input helps, really. Getting more exposure to sunlight is usually a safe bet for me too.

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