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Switching Gears

February 21, 2013

So my knitting has languished this week (yet again) and as a result I have had very little to show for it. Luckily there is still some fiber action going on. I was motivated this week, through some unknown urge to get back into weaving. Knowing my creativity is lacking a bit lately I didn’t want to waste this sudden influx of desire, and so I quickly (relatively speaking) set to work on my loom.

I had warped Ferdinand (the loom) about a week ago, in hopes of tempting myself to start creating again.



There were quite a few false starts (stripes were rejected, after three different attempts) in then I opted for a light vs. dark project. I always feel like weaving takes a long time (it does take time but compared to knitting it is like lightning) which in part could be owed to my inexperience, but I pushed myself to work on the scarf, focusing on just getting in a rhythm. I managed to get pretty far the first day.



I came back the next day and finished it up and set to work on the washing and blocking.


Prior to being blocked

Prior to being blocked

As soon as the scarf started coming off the loom I noticed there seemed to be an issue in tension from the beginning (on the right in the photo above) and the end (left.)

Closer pic of the two sides

Closer pic of the two sides

You can see the difference better in this one. Again I am still pretty new to weaving, but I could feel a little sinking feeling in my stomach.


I washed it, agitating the scarf a bit to help the fibers lock and it was around this time I noticed with alarm the increasing resemblance to noodles that the back half was bearing. The weaving was a bit too loose and as a result there are gaps in certain areas (it kind of resembles a slipped stitch pattern (Clapotis for example.) The front half remained fine and bloomed wonderfully.

Tune in next time to hear if my latest weaving project was a triumph or just causing me more grief.


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  1. Craftie Allie permalink

    I think this is lovely and I bet your next project will go even better! Can’t wait to see it.

  2. Amanda Gerodias permalink

    I think it looks really pretty! I like the two shades with the light and dark. I saw the far away picture of it on your Facebook and simply thought “Oh I like that color, ” but now that I saw the close up pictures I like it even more. Good work!

  3. This is one of the hardest parts of the creative process – I can see in my head how I want it to look and it doesn’t come out the way I want it to. But, the only cure for that is more practice. I’m sure your next one will look closer to your vision. (And of course, as an outsider, this looks fine to me).

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