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Part 4-Wedding Blanket Progress

February 25, 2013

I started this month with a desire to make steady progress on my brother’s wedding gift (the never-ending garter stitch blanket.) I have already broken with the pattern, picking up less stitches,working for less rows (in part because the blanket is already growing faster than I expected, and because it isn’t growing fast enough if that makes sense.) In spite of the crafting ennui that seems to have descended over me lately I buckled down this past weekend and forced myself to work on the blanket. Thanks to being sick (my resistance was lowered) as well as movies and the Oscars, I was able to knock out the fourth part of the blanket (modified of course.) I was even able to pick up stitches for the fifth part. The fourth part marks the last new color for the blanket (minus the border which will be black) now that all of them are on the blanket I am hoping it doesn’t diminish my interest in the thing (not likely as it is running pretty low already.)

20130224_202335For those playing along at home, the brightest purple (near the bottom of the page) is part four. 20130224_202408

The whole thing is already almost the size of my couch cushion which is fine by me, but considering how many pieces are left (and the fact that they are all the larger pieces) I have decided to start eyeballing it, which of course means I can’t provide accurate yardage requirements for anyone else (an issue I faced when originally trying to decide on this pattern.) But now that all the colors are shown I can finally share them with you.

In square one (the lightest one on the left hand side)- KP Palette in PennyRoyal

Square two (the smallest)- KP Palette in Clematis Heather

Third Square (the upper right side)- KP Palette in Lantana

Fourth Square (bottom)- KP Palette in Mulberry

Yes you read that right, Palette (as in fingering weight yarn) I must have been crazy when I decided on this. To be fair my husband helped me pick the colors and he liked Palette more. (Though I did agree to it.)

Have any of you taken on a project that required persistence and sheer will to accomplish it? How did you mange to overcome the boring bits (or the entire thing if it was boring)?


  1. Craftie Allie permalink

    Haha, for real, my first thought was Palette???? It is lovely though and I know it will be loved and appreciated.

  2. Oh man, a project like that would kill me. I would never finish. I may never finish the blanket I actually have going…

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