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March 4, 2013

Quit post today. I had some dental issues this past weekend (read cracked part of a tooth) and am supposed to be taking it easy. This is achieved in part thanks to a wicked round of antibiotics and some pain medication. Unfortunately this break occurred while at my in-laws for the weekend. We had arrived Friday evening and the tooth cracked that night. So the next morning with our trip cut impossibly short my husband and I made the journey back to our place. Thankfully the dentist could fit me in and here we are. The rest of the weekend consisted of sleeping, being tired and adjusting to the antibiotics. In between I was able to knock out a semi-quick project.

Sockhead Hat (Ravelry Link)



A wonderful little hat. Knit on size three needles and using less than one skein of sock yarn (about 188 yds) this definitely goes in the victory pile. I have had this yarn in my stash since last fall, and have been debating about making a pair of socks out of it. I love purple and for some reason I just couldn’t muster the will to knit this into something that would be shoved in shoes. So instead I opted for this delightful hat. In the end the hat ended up being a bit slouchy on me, but when I fold over the ribbing it turns into a warm little cap.


Evidence of the slouchiness.

I haven’t decided if this hat will be gifted or not, but for now it is a great reminder of how the little things can make you happy.

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  1. Great color combo

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