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Wedding Blanket Part 5

March 14, 2013

I know, I know a departure from the hat frenzy that has been occupying my thoughts and this blog. The blanket has finally come back on the radar, something to do with it being mid-march already (yikes!) I have once again departed from the pattern, opting instead for visual appeal over the written directions. I would say I am less than half way done (this is even more apparent if you include the border I want to put on it, but let us not speak of the all consuming black void that awaits me.) The pieces begin to grow larger due to the nature of the pattern, but since I have departed from the pattern so much I am unsure of exactly how much is left. I am hoping to knock out another two sections before the end of the month (more would obviously be better) a big issue is the fact that the blanket has become large enough to be a pain to travel out and about with. A pair of socks or even a hat can be knocked out in a short amount of time, thanks in part to the ease of stowing it away in a bag. As the blanket continues to grow (slowly) it is only going to decrease the ability to transport it. My ultimate goal is to hit the border by May 20, which would give me about 3 weeks to knock it out. My schedule begins to open some during this time so I am hoping that I can make it until then. Movie marathons anyone?

Blanket part 5

Blanket part 5

Excuse the bad photo, it was late and my phone camera was closest

Excuse the bad photo, it was late and my phone camera was closest



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  1. maria permalink

    Will you be adding different shades of purple, or these same ones but in different ways? Any way you do it, it is looking very, very pretty! 🙂

    • The colors shown are the only ones I will be using moving forward. My plan is to do the blanket in purples and then do a border in black.

      • maria permalink

        very nice 🙂 purple is the color of royalty 😀

        • Thank you, I was at a loss when picking the colors the first time, since they hadn’t decided on what color of purple, but thankfully it’s turning out so good.

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