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Oh, Monday, Monday

April 15, 2013

I had some dental surgery this morning (did I mention I am not a morning person in general?) luckily the Doc and her staff are awesome, which definitely makes it easier. I think my three big issues with dental work are: the initial shot of Novocaine they give you (I always feel that sharp pinch when they inject it) granted I don’t feel much beyond that, but as someone who dislikes needles it’s just an all around unpleasant experience. My second big complaint has to do with the fact that I have a small mouth. I have heard this since I was young. Along with this my jaw always gets sore from having to let it hang open during any visit. The last one, and it might be my biggest complaint, is when they do a rinse with the little suction thingy. I always feel like I am drowning when it comes to the water and then the little suction thingy feels like it is trying to pull my brain through my sinuses when it goes on (not in a painful, just terribly awkward sensation.) But other than that I don’t really mind the dentist.

In fiber arts news, well there isn’t a whole lot to tell. Everything is still moving along at it’ s own pace, however slowly that might be. But in an effort to appease you while I lay about in post surgery fog, here are some pictures of that BFL that was last seen on the bobbin. (It’s had its bath now)

Frabjous Fibers- Ox Blood Colorway

Frabjous Fibers- Ox Blood Colorway

This was the last part of an 8oz braid, my husband picked out for me around Christmas of this past year. (A consolation prize, since they didn’t have the much sought after Purple People Eater colorway the last two times I went to look.)

It is a smooshy wonderful chain ply, and this time I managed to hold on to the darker colored sections a bit better.

20130412_143159This one clocked in at around 191 yds which is just awesome. Combined with the first hank at (134yds) I definitely have a healthy amount to use for something.


As usual my issue comes down to what to make with the handspun (besides wonderful desk ornaments.) I am thinking maybe mittens and a hat? Or maybe a cowl? Thoughts?




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  1. I have a tiny mouth too, and between that and the hard sell on cosmetic procedures every time I go for a cleaning, I can’t stand going to the dentist. You totally deserve a nice cowl to reward you!

  2. Gorgeous spinning. I’d make a slouchy hat and keep it on my head constantly in the transition to summer. Hope your dental work went well and wasn’t too painful. I feel the same way about the dentist.

    • I love the idea of a slouchy hat, that kind of hat is one of the only kinds that looks halfway decent on me. Thanks for the well wishes on the dental work, and glad to know I am not alone in my feelings.

  3. MidKnit Owl permalink

    That’s such a gorgeous yarn colour! I just nominated you for the Leibster Award – I really enjoy reading your blog and think other people will too!

  4. A cowl, mittens or scarf would be lovely. It’s a gorgeous colour.

  5. I think a cowl would look gorgeous in this yarn!

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