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Blanket Part 7

April 18, 2013

Hello and welcome back to Wedding Blanket Watch: Part 7, I’m Ira Knitty-Pants reporting. Sources have confirmed that the blanket (Due in June) has reached another milestone this past evening. It seems that the knitter, known to her peers as, Introverted Knitter has reached part 7 of what this reporter can only describe as a very long journey indeed. We attempted to reach the knitter for her take on the status, and I am told by our sources she only mumbled something about having less than 60 days to complete last three sections and referring to something, perhaps the blanket, as a life-force sucking garter stitch snooze-fest. We are told the knitter is beginning to panic slightly about running out of wool, but we cannot independently confirm at this time.  Oh, excuse me, reports are coming in now that we have images of the work in progress. Let’s take a look.

Part 7 addition is on left side

My apologies about the quality of the photo folks, it seems that they are experiencing some sleet in the area which contributes to the darker quality. You can see here that the blanket is moving along, and yes I am being told the most recent addition can be seen on the left hand side. The strip appearing at the edge has been confirmed as not following the pattern exactly, which I am being told has been the standard for this project for quite some time. 20130418_083522

I am now hearing that the photo above is an example of size comparison. Do not attempt to adjust your monitor, the item on the far left is apparently a small notions bag from the Knit Picks, Knit Happy line.

20130418_083601 Yes, I am being told that the edging seems to be a bit off on this blanket, but it seems the knitter is not worried, I am hearing, something about blocking and a border still needing to happen. It seems at this time, the knitter will be continuing with the next three sections in a matter of hours, beginning with part 8.  In all my years of reporting, I have been witness to a wide variety of different projects and ideas, and I can safely say this is the longest I have seen this knitter focused on a project. At this time it seems as though our knitter will finish in time, but a rash of lace outbreak has been reported to be spreading in the area. We will continue to monitor its status and check in with you as more information becomes available. I’m Ira Knitty-Pants, For the IntrovertedKnitter Blog.

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  1. Great post – cute and funny. Sounds like this blanket needs its own episode of This American Life. 😉

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