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The Saga Continues- Blanket Part 8

May 2, 2013

The blanket is still growing, although I believe I hit a knitting black hole of sorts. No matter how many rows I seem to accomplish the section never seemed to grow, but thankfully/eventually I was at the point of binding off for section 8. Hurrah! I have taken to knitting this thing pretty much non-stop (aka no other project is getting any love, despite it’s call and my desperation.) I have been fortunate that our weekly shows for the most part have returned from their brief hiatus, as the countdown to season finales kicks into high gear. I am also pretty much freed of bi-weekly meetings in terms of my volunteer position.

long lightest purple strip is part 8

long lightest purple strip is part 8

The continuous garter stitch of this thing makes it perfect for television and movie knitting. We also had a semi-freakish (it is the midwest after all) cold snap and so the rest of the blanket is providing a nice little warmth barrier for me, while I knit, which is better than the alternative (80+ degree weather with a giant wooly blanket…I can feel the heat stroke already.) I still have a little over a month to go, and yet I can still feel the pressure mounting (hence the all blanket all the time motto.) Here’s hoping I can find interesting ways to keep you guys entertained in the next few weeks.

20130501_205505I have been attempting to limit the posts to when I finish a section, but knowing how much is left and how little time there is, you might start seeing it a bit more often. Best of luck to us all.


  1. i’m crocheting a blanket at the moment and it seems to be going on and on. however like you say perfect for tv watching as you just keep going and don’t have to look at what you are doing or count or anythingxxx keep going you will get there i n the end!!!

  2. sparkeespud permalink

    Having knitted one of those blankets before I can feel your pain. TV show or movie marathons are the way to go.

  3. Q – Feeling your pain! That’s a Manatee House project. LOL!

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