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Blanket part 8.5

May 6, 2013

I ended up tweaking the pattern (again) for the wedding blanket. In part because my general ability to do much beyond breathing and walking in a straight line has been pretty slim. One of those weeks I suppose. Basically, I miscounted the amount of yarn that would be needed for the remaining two sections of the blanket (9&10 for those playing along) and so I was stuck with the only two colors I had left (which were not designated in the original mock-up.) One of the colors has been used more than twice in the blanket (the heather-y purple, 3, 5, 6) which created a problem in terms of grouping. In an effort to use up the yarn and to break up the spacing I inserted a small stripe of the originally appointed section. (Lost yet?)  In other words I did this.

the strip along the top

the strip along the top

It ended up working out because it broke up the colors enough (and added just a wee bit of length) to allow me to use the final two purples for sections 9 and 10. The neat thing of this blanket, is that these last two (yes you read that right, LAST) sections are knit at the same time and you use this handy technique to prevent a hole (and to avoid a seam.) I opted to completely forgo picking up the stitches (again) for the last two sections because of the small stripe, instead I divided the stitches in half and began knitting them shortly after taking this picture. I haven’t made a ton of progress to be honest, my will to live focus on this project is waning. Part of it might be due to the fact that it’s about a freaking mile’s worth of garter stitch, or it could just be that it’s been on my needles for almost 6 months, but the more likely result is that I haven’t decided on edging yet. I know I have consistently said don’t mention the border, but as we draw closer I can’t help but think of it. I know I want a pretty decent sized border so the i-cord edging is out. I also know that I want something that will make a clean edge (with this more modern look, I feel like a rippled/wavy border would be odd.) I also have the disadvantage of having to figure out how the heck to knit the entire thing in sections (it’s too big to try to go in the round on even my longest interchangeable cord) I realize I should have probably considered this sooner, but now that it’s drawing nigh I think it’s definitely time (can I get at least one point for planning a little bit ahead?)

Thoughts? Suggestions?


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  1. Perhaps you could make it in sections like a patchwork quilt? I love the colours.

  2. I find long i-cord borders good to look at but boring to knit. I made 2 blankets during a recent illness: one I crocheted around in a single colour (Double crochet stitch, I think that’s single crochet in American; anyway, small, dense, neat stitches) until I was happy with the depth. The second one I finished by knitting the border (rows parallel to the side), one side at a time, with mitred corners, although a log cabin arrangement would have meant no shaping or sewing. Does this help?

    • It does help, thanks for the info. The original pattern calls for mitered corners, but I am just not sure if it’s the look I want. I have considered trying a crochet edge, but I am not very fluent in the ways of crochet so I would hate to risk it on something like this.

  3. I have to say the icord border I did on my 2 were not that terrible. Once you get going it really zips along. It also allowed me to use up yarn because I could switch colors along each edge if I was running out of a specific color.

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