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Blanket Parts 9&10

May 20, 2013

Friday I was working pretty steady on the blanket, hoping to make some progress, since simply thinking about knitting the last two sections wasn’t going so well. A breakthrough came late in the evening. I spread the entire blanket it out and naturally the cats came to investigate, so did my husband. I asked what he thought (husband not the cats) and he replied that it was pretty big. With a little tension in my voice I asked about the final two sections. He thought for a moment and said that they looked good and could probably be bound off. I had been thinking the same thing, but I still was hesitant to finally end the damn wonderful project. A quick photo to my bestie and she concurred the idea of binding off.


Section 9&10 are seen here, on the bottom

And so with more than a little hesitation I began the bind off. It took awhile, as that many stitches are bound to do. But before going to bed that evening I was secure in the knowledge that I was done. DONE! I felt immense relief, it may have been a few days late from my self-imposed deadline (well like the third deadline to be honest) but it was done. Well of course excluding the border. Remember the countless times I mentioned, not mentioning the border. Yeah I should have been mentioning it. I have gotten wonderful advice from quite a few readers, thanks to everyone who offered suggestions. But my moment of excitement quickly became deflated as I realized I wasn’t really done.

Slightly more up close photo of the final sections

Slightly more up close photo of the final sections

Luckily I went to visit my brother and his bride to be on Saturday. Knowing the trip takes about 4 hours,one way, I debated about bringing the blanket to work on. Despite not knowing what border I wanted to use. This went on for a few hours as I thought of all the potential issues that could arise. The ball of yarn falling out the car door and unwinding along the highway. The car getting stolen and the damn blanket being trapped inside (that was a bit later into the evening, when sleep deprivation was a taking hold. My brother going to the car to grab something, seeing the blanket. Or him seeing the blanket and declaring it the most hideous thing on the planet (that one is still a fear no lie) In the end I opted to leave it at home. While 8 hours to work on the blanket would have been…nice(?) I figured the risk of it being exposed to the happy couple, or any other potential disaster wasn’t worth it. And let’s be honest I wanted a break too.

Instead I brought a few different knitting projects along, the only one that got any attention was the sock for my husband. I counted it up on the trip home and this one makes number 4 currently on the needles for him. Only 1 of the 4 is actually on the second sock…but hey, I’ve had a blanket to work on and, well he is a giant and it takes so long to work on them for him and socks are good traveling projects, and, and… yeah I see some sock finishing in my future too.

Looking all innocent and sweet

Looking all innocent and sweet

Sunday we returned home and after spending time with the happy couple I was feeling guilty about not finishing renewed in my desire to finish the blanket and so I set to work on the border. After all the debating, mostly internal. After all the wondering, mostly out loud, and after all the thoughts, I decided to opt for the border specified in the pattern (having borrowed the book from our local library to see just what it was all about.) It means more mind numbing garter stitch, (yay?) but luckily there are increases on every other row to create the mitered corners, and the black is a nice contrast to the sea of purple. It seems to be going a bit faster, but it just could be that I am in that delusional state where this is what I have to believe or else I might curl up and cry. Or I am losing my mind, anyone else ever dreamed of garter stitch?

Sign 1 of potential mind loss. The blanket became a lovely hat following the bind off process.

Sign 1 of potential mind loss. The blanket became a lovely hat following the bind off process.

So, how was your weekend?

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