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When I won’t knit

June 3, 2013

It should come as no surprise that I knit in public. I know that many people who read this blog, do as well. There has been some debate over on Ravelry about the places people do and don’t knit, which got me thinking. Are there places where I won’t knit? Are there places where you won’t knit?

For me I think the following are probably the places where I wouldn’t knit.

1. A funeral

2.Before or during a job interview

3. The bathroom

4. During a religious service

5. At a comedy club

6. During a speech/presentation (unless the speaker is a knitter or other fiber artist)

7. During a business meeting

8. In the rain

9. While driving

I am pretty sure that’s the majority of them.  How about you, do you knit in public? Are there any places where you consider knitting in public off-limits? Do you think if you saw someone else on their smart phone, would you be more apt to take out your knitting?


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  1. There are a few places on your list I agree with, especially at the job interview, a funeral or during a speech, though I would actually knit in the bathroom (Ihaven’t yet, but this blog post made me think about it!) There’s a ‘seat’ in there and after all some people take magazines or books in with them. Plus there’s a bath where you can relax, and what’s better than a bit of knitting to relax you – but I haven’t quite worked out how I could knit and not get the wool wet! Thanks for making me smile with your writing.

  2. I don’t knit in public (I have a two-year-old that goes everywhere with me, I don’t have the option!) but back when I was in grad school there was a group of gals that would knit during class. It drove me and my other classmates, and even more so, our professors, crazy! I think some of the professors actually forbid them from doing so…

  3. Absolutely we knit in public. Your list is very good and I’ve kept myself from knitting in the places you’ve mentioned. Only this weekend, I stopped myself from knitting at my nephew’s Eagle Scout Award Ceremony. Our Monday Night Knitting Group is having a Worldwide Knit in Public Day this Saturday. Can’t wait!

  4. I agree with 1-4 for sure. But I do knit in business meetings, but not ALL business meetings – only the long boring ones. 🙂 And in speeches/presentations, but maybe not in the front row. I might knit in a comedy club, not sure. I guess it would depend on the crowd I was with. By now, most of my friends know that if I am sitting down, I am knitting.
    In answer to your question, yes, if someone took out their smart phone, or even their not so smart phone, I would have my knitting out in a flash.

  5. I’ve knitted at business conferences and during long business calls. I wouldn’t knit in a restaurant.

  6. Your list and mine are about the same!

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