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Finally Using some Handspun

June 4, 2013

Yes there is pretty much a first for everything and for me the time has come to finally use some hand spun. This may come as a surprise for some of you, but between the blanket of doom and my own general feelings of inadequacy when it came to spinning I haven’t made anything out of my own hand spun yet. Well I guess the past tense of had not, is a better fit now. Finally after finishing the blanket and before jumping into the planning stages of holiday knitting I decided to take a little time off to finally force  allow myself to use up some of the hand spun. I think the big thing for me when it comes to yarn in almost any capacity, but perhaps even more so because of the nature of hand spun is the fear of using it all up. Yes I know that the sun will keep shinning, the rivers will keep flowing and the sheep will keep producing wooly goodness. I know that I can always get more, hey I never said my stashing reasons were sane. I suppose there is also the fear that I will use the yarn and then find a project that might have been better suited for it (at least in my mind) and then I won’t be able to get it. Maybe it’s because as soon as the project is finished it ceases to be inspiration, and this creative device and instead it serves it’s function and eventually wears out.

Okay enough of the psychoanalysis, let’s get down to what you are all here to see: The project.



I am using that chain-ply, be still my heart, BFL in the Ox Blood colorway to craft the a pair of; oh-so-wonderful- mittens. The pattern is just a basic mitten shape that fit with the yarn thickness and needle size to produce a lovely dense but not stiff mitten.

20130603_152803I actually finished all but the thumb of the first mitten in one day, and have started on the second one already. It’s a bit difficult to see in this photo, but the yarn (thanks to the chain-ply) does have a sort of self-striping going on that I am actually really loving. I should have more than enough to finish the two mittens out of this hank, which will leave me with one left to possibly try out another hat pattern.

20130603_152832I ended up decreasing a bit along the hand part, because I personally dislike that extra bit of fabric that seems to bunch up after you get past the palm of a mitten. This was my first time actually trying it, but so far it seems to be working great.

I left the thumb alone because frankly I always muck those up and instead of being disappointed with how mitten one turned out and therefore running the risk of losing the momentum I decided to wait for the inevitable. Anyone else have issues with the thumbs of mittens? Any surefire tips to avoid the awkwardness that is the thumb?






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  1. I am not a spinner (haven’t acquired that skill yet) but I think it would be incredible to use everything you made by hand. Have confidence, your stuff in amazing!

  2. doctordana permalink

    I’m in the same boat, or rather, I was in the same boat back before you up and sailed on to a different boat. I don’t have a large quantity of hand-spun yet, but I know that one of these days I’m going to have to actually end up knitting something with it… but it’s just so pretty and special and hand-made that I am having a hard time believing it will still be as pretty when it’s just an object. Even though I know knitted things are pretty…

  3. I understand your psychosis. I really do. Cuz I suffer the same one! I’m finally starting to spin with a project goal in mind so that makes it easier to use my hand spun but I always worry I will have too little or I’ll end up with an awkward amount left over that I won’t figure out how to use or, well, I think you see where this is going…

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