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Socks on the Go

June 6, 2013

I mentioned a bit ago about how I seem to have more than a pair or two (or four) of socks on the needles for my husband. Thanks to the victory over the blanket, I am finally able to focus on them again. To be fair the socks were getting some attention as my on the go projects, but since I have been a homebody lately they aren’t quite as far along as I would like. And to clarify about the four pairs, they are in various stages of completion. I have two pairs that each have one sock done, and one of those is a pattern that requires a little bit of remembering, and the other one was at a fiddly bit and therefore sequestered until I the blanket was finished. (Fun fact, in order to make yourself want to knit socks for a giant, start working on a behemoth of a blanket and watch how quickly your affection for the socks grows.) Anyway the third pair is actually waiting to hit the frog pond, apparently my ability to count should have been called into question and so the socks are a bit small. The last pair is actually going quite well, if I do say so myself. I am still on the first one,  but the wool is soft and my needles are swift and I can practically feel the wind in my hair as I knit these (it may have something to do with them being mostly worked on in the car, but let’s pretend it’s because of my skills)


Proof that they have seen progress recently, I have cleverly decided to take a quick little shot of your favorite Introverted Knitter Mascot and mine, Horace. It almost feels like he should be holding a tiny newspaper as well, or is it just me?


I am actually a bit further since these photos, but rest assured it is continuing to look like a sock, just with a bit more foot. It is a bit funny to me, how many people ask (even at this point) if I am making a mitten, and look at me like I have three heads when I politely reply that no it is a sock…”Yes Ginny, there is a way to make your own socks…” /end snark.)

What is your favorite project to keep on the go?


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  1. I’m still too new to the world of socks to take them on the go….unless I’ve just started either the body or the leg part. (See, so new that I don’t even know the part names!)

  2. “don’t you know you can just buy socks from kmart??”

    People who say that to me get the full ‘beks who knits’ evil stare treatment.
    I was knitting socks for my dad at the pub the other day and this couple came up to me and asked if I was pregnant and making booties for my unborn child.
    The sock was probably big enough to be a baby cardigan sleeve.

    Sock knitting is the best though. So many pretty sock yarns, so many awesome sock patterns, and at the end you get a pair of socks!

    Horace is so cute!

  3. I love Horace. 😀 And I’m so glad he liked the trip to the museum!

    Usually, I have a pair of socks to slam in my bag wherever I go … That’s easiest. But sometimes, the socks are replaced by a little hat. 😉

  4. my favorite project to keep on the go is a hat, knit in the round. I can do them in the dark, in my sleep, pretty much anywhere.

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