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$5 in the Midwest

June 27, 2013

I finally cast on for a sweater for me (hooray!) I first discovered this pattern back in 2011 and actually tried it, but I ended up making the neck way to big and then the move to Chicago happened and well… yeah.  Anyway now about two years later I have decided to try again. I am definitely a more confident and competent knitter now, which definitely helps. I am also way more daring, which can be good or bad depending on how you look at it. Making clothing items for myself is always a bit of a challenge, I don’t like to advertise it, but I am not necessarily in the best of shape (unless we count round as a shape 🙂 ) Hence the lack of photos where I am actually in the picture. I don’t particularly care for how I look in most clothes, but thanks to my husband and my best friend I have been working on losing weight and making healthy lifestyle changes. I am also slowly branching out from my usual guy’s plain colored tee-shirt and loose-fitting jeans, which shockingly (okay not so much) makes a difference in how I look. Which makes me feel like maybe a sweater isn’t a bad idea (at least in theory.)

In terms of the sweater itself I have decided to change it up a bit; instead of doing the thick stripes like the original pattern, I am doing a black base with a thin bright green stripe every 15 or so rows. I only have the first green stripe in (as of now and in the photos) but already it is turning out how I thought it would. (Score a few points for me!) Want to see the awesomeness? Okay, twist my arm why don’t you.

20130626_142844You may notice the cat butt featured so prominently here. Apparently my taking photos could not be done without supervision from the felines.  (His brother was checking out the view from below the bins.)

20130626_142836The aforementioned butt and its owner investigating the sweater. It was deemed uninteresting enough to flop down on, right after this photo was taken. Luckily no stitches were harmed in the retrieval.

So there you have it the minimal progress on a sweater for me.



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  1. Handmade sweaters are a great fashion choice! Clothing that fits properly is always more flattering than clothing that doesn’t, and making it yourself is a great way to make sure it fits properly.

  2. Amanda Gerodias permalink

    First: You are beautiful!! Also, good luck with keeping up the healthy lifestyle changes. The vast majority of us could make a number of lifestyle changes, no matter what shape we might be, but it tends to be difficult, so I am glad you have a support system.

    Second: I just had to share this picture which Andy and I quote quite frequently. It is one of our favorite LOL Catz pictures, and your comment made me think of it!

  3. True confessions: knitting actual clothing scares the stuffing out of me. (Hats and scarves don’t count!) After producing a shrug with sleeve length sized for Sasquatch, and a vest for my husband that ended up fitting our tween daughter (who hated the color) I’ve been doing nothing but small projects. Kudos to you for diving back into this pattern!!!

  4. 1marylou permalink

    I finally decided to throw all my sweatpants away for a pair of jeans…You’re off to a good start. Good luck!

  5. Round is absolutely a shape! It has to be cuz it’s the only way I can get through the day! In other words I totally relate to your thinking even if I’m trying to convince myself I shouldn’t be so self conscious anyway as it turns out I’m perfectly average according to statistics, if not fashion magazines!

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