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Tour Days 3 &4

July 3, 2013
Day 3

Day 3

Day Three saw success with plying of the fractal spun BFL. I ended up with 260 yards, a bit less than I had hoped, but I realized I must not have divided the fiber as equally as previously thought, (aka I took the lazy way out and tried to eye ball it.) I am still pleased with the results. Three days from fiber to yarn is pretty exciting to say the least (considering how much time I usually wait.) I can definitely see why this competition causes so many improvements for spinner.

Day Four saw me winding the last bit of the BFL off into a chain ply ball, which will do me no real good (except maybe as a Christmas ornament.) I decided to be a bit brave and try spinning the merino.


I have only spun merino a few times (once as a brand new beginner and the second time being a superwash variety.) I had attempted to spin with this fiber in particular at the start of my tour journey and ended up giving up. After letting it sit in time out for a few days and researching a bit more, I believe my problem has more to do with the fiber being crazy compacted and less to do with my ability to spin it. (At least here’s hoping.)

Day 4

Day 4

After a little fluffing up of the fiber it seems to be spinning a bit better, but it still is slippery when compared to the BFL and other breeds I have tried. More than likely this will end up a chain ply, because I know the husband is angling for some mittens out of this blue stuff.

How’s your tour going?


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  1. Q – The blue is gorgeous!

  2. I have yet to get started, actually. My tour had to wait while I was applying for jobs. Ugh. But I’m dyeing something up to spin something I actually might LIKE to spin for this tour this year, lol!
    Of course, I’m thinking of using my cotton spin as the challenging part too. I STILL have half a bag of that left! (wraps an imaginary noose around neck and tugs upwards)

  3. That blue is so pretty, like forget-me-nots! Where did you get it?

    • Thank you, and I agree the blue is just awesome. I purchased it at the Iowa Sheep and Wool Festival, from Snokist Farm Girl you can find her on Etsy I believe.

  4. shellssells permalink

    Do you ever consider making a plying bracelet for the remainder of your two ply? Or do you choose not to do that because it would no longer be a true fractal?

    I’ve been spinning on my bike so much more than I’ve been spinning yarn. But progress is being made, even though it is slow! I am enjoying seeing you devote this much time to your spinning.

    • I actually ever tried the plying bracelet, so my standard has been to chain-ply the remainder, but definitely something to consider, thanks!

  5. Merino is more slippery (especially if it’s not superwash). Try slowing down a bit by treadling more slowly and give your hands some time to get used to the fiber. Also, if you draft a little thicker at first, you’ll have less breakage.

    Definitely fiber compaction can be a problem. I had some merino/silk I was spinning recently which was making me crazy until I realized that it wasn’t me having trouble drafting, it was the fact that the fiber was compacted. Also, if the fiber is hand-dyed, it can sometimes be a bit fulled (lightly felted) on the surface. Either way, if you fluff it up well you can overcome both problems.

    Happy tour! You’re way ahead of me so far. I’ve spun 3 days out of 4 but only have two bobbins to show for it and nothing plied yet.

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