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TDF Update: Day 12

July 11, 2013

Well rest day was Monday (day 10) and I was dutiful and rested, and as Day 11 dawned somewhat bright and clear I awoke to find that my shoulder and neck were a bit more sore than expected. So day 11 also became a rest day also. But victory was mine and Wednesday after another dentist appointment (side note, hooray having the crown finally on, I can chew on both sides again!) I finally took the plunge and started on a big braid (8 ounces) of fiber.

20121003_121534_medium2Frabjous Fibers BFL (of course) in the Tallulah colorway. I have had this fiber in my stash for almost a year (a birthday gift from my dad last year…well he was the one that sent me the check which I used to buy this.) It was first purchase of fiber that was larger than 4 ounces and I had been holding on to it for some vague date in the future. You know the kind, as a newer spinner (or knitter/crocheter) you have those items which are kind of like your someday fiber/yarn. The stuff you will use once you are xyz… well I bit the bullet (thanks in part to letting my best friend choose the next thing to spin) and finally broke down and started spinning.

I do have one regret, and it is that I waited so long to use the fiber. After that tricksy business (insert Gollum voice) with the Merino, I am so incredibly happy to be back to the BFL (side note: the cats are two, I had to snatch the fiber back from one of them twice already.)


The braid is a bit compacted (as they always seem to be) but a little bit of fluffing and it’s-oh-so-ready. I have no idea what I am going to do with the fiber in terms of plying. I ended up dividing a small strip, running the entire length of the fiber as of now, which has left my options open in terms of another fractal; but since there is so much fiber the colors changes are long enough to lend itself to a nice chain ply. I may end up throwing caution to the wind and attempting a traditional 3 ply, which would also require me to figure out a plying ball since I only have three bobbins to work with. The choices are wide open and suggestions can be made in the comments.

20130710_112832The kitties and I will be waiting to hear what you all have to say. 🙂 Happy Spinning!


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  1. This is more assuredly my favorite color way, like the ocean and sea glass. ♥ It!

  2. shellssells permalink

    Do you have a ball winder? Just wind one of the balls off onto a ball winder and ply from 2 bobbins and a ball.

  3. My cats like to grab the braids too. They would make such mess of them, I can’t let it happen. You may have enough yarn out of that 8 ozs to make something substantial. That’s the only thing I find with spinning; you can never get enough of any one colour to make something decent unless you go for the really ordinary colours. I like ‘dull’ colours for the Autumn, but not for the summer. Summer is all about carnival, brightness and razzmatazz. Don’t you agree?

    • Summer definitely lends itself to the brighter and more out there colors. In terms of the spinning still just working on the very first part so there is time to figure out the next step.

  4. Oh, the colors! I just love them! They are perfectly luscious.

  5. These colours are amazing … 😀

  6. Q – Oh, these are soooooo my colors! Totally love it. Can’t wait for my tendonitis to leave so I can spin again. You’ve done a brilliant job spinning.

  7. The colors are lovely! I’m not sure how I’d go about plying either!

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