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Sweater Progress Update

July 12, 2013

The little $5 in the Midwest Sweater is progressing, albeit slowly (gee thanks Tour De Fleece.) I have made it past the arms and I am now working on the tube that is the body. I forgot how boring stockinette in the round (aka straight knitting) can be. Funny considering the memory of the wedding blanket still haunts me at every turn. It’s like a shadow that is just beyond my field of vision, there and not. It’s cold grip of endless row after row, consuming me (just kidding. Wouldn’t that be awful though?)


Anyway like I said it isn’t getting a ton of attention lately, I think some blame can be cast in the direction of the latest sock for me. That malabrigo yarn is just so tempting with its softness and the flashy changes in colors. I will admit it still being my most expensive yarn to date there is that allure of high quality that seeps in and just wraps itself around my brain, compelling me to knit with it. I feel similar to a cartoon character who is being followed by the attractive scent of a pie, you know the one where the steam/smell forms the shape of hand and beckons to the would be resister. That or it’s like a brain slug has been attached and I must bend to the will of the fiber (Futurama reference for those of you playing at home.) Now where was I? Oh right, the sweater, well there is progress…wanna see? (Of course you do, we all know you come for the pictures. I could be rambling on and on, but that promise of pictures keeps you going…right? See even now as I continue to type you are following along just waiting for the pictures to show up. That, or I suppose you could just skip this and go straight for the gratification, but where is the fun in that?)

Okay, okay before you all rise up and revolt I will share the goods. 20130708_130123

Aww, you and I both know that was a bit of tease. That photo is hardly enough to prove the progress, that’s just a taste, a crumb of the goodness that is yarn and sticks and string. “Get on with it,” you shout and I hear you. Now let’s see if this does the trick?

20130708_130058There. Satisfied? As you can see limited progress, but there is progress! Huzzah! It currently hits just below my bust area and I have started a little bit of the waist shaping (how exciting!) I am doing the stripes after every 15th row of the black, I think this is giving it some nice pop of color without turning me into a person clocked in neon (not that there is anything wrong with that, but it is just not for me.)  When I originally picked out the colors I was going for a kind of old school computer terminal type theme. The black background with the green letters that you have to key in command lines to do anything of value. My friend remarked that it reminds her of Halloween…which I suppose is cool too. Hopefully I can get this finished before the chilly temps set in (will they ever come back?) But really if I can get it done before the end of winter I think I will be satisfied.

Well that’s it for me, and the photos for now. Thanks for sticking with me this long. Hope everyone has a great weekend!



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