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Tour De Fleece Updates

July 16, 2013

Greetings all, Ira Knittypants reporting. Today marks the 18th day of the Tour De Fleece and this reporter can safely say that fatigue has set in on one of our own. The spinner who goes by the moniker of the Introverted Knitter is with me in the studio to discuss her progress on the tour.

Ira: “Hello Introverted Knitter and welcome to the program.”

IK: “Hello Ira, Thanks for having me.”

Ira:” Now IK this is your first time participating in the Tour De Fleece is that correct?”

IK:”Yes, Ira. I was too new of a spinner last year to feel comfortable in taking on the tour. So with a little over a year under my drive band I felt that I was ready to take on the challenge.”

Ira:”I see. Now tell me IK how has the tour been going for you?”

IK:”Well, to be honest Ira not as well as I had hoped. I was able to finish two yarns so far and it is looking like I will hopefully manage a third by the end of the tour later this week.  Which is a shame because I was looking forward to knocking out quite a few bundles of fiber I purchased at the Iowa Sheep and Wool Festival this past June, but circumstances conspired against me unfortunately.”

Ira:”Oh, what do you mean IK?”

IK:”This past June I suffered from whiplash and ended up with my right shoulder and the right side of my neck being in pain. Which ended up limiting the time I could spin for a comfortable period of time. These injuries definitely affected my production rate. I have some lovely fibers that are just waiting to be spun up, that will have to wait until a later date to see some action.”

Ira:”I’m sorry to hear that. We hope for a speedy recovery. Now am I understanding correctly from my sources that you brought some photos of your progress with you today?”

IK:”Yes, that is correct. Below are my photos of progress on my 8 ounce braid from Frabjous Fibers. For this project I am spinning four ounces on one bobbin and will end up doing the same on a second bobbin before plying the two together. This decision was reached after a few days of spinning and realizing that this amount of fiber may yet yield the largest amount of yardage that I have seen yet. There was some question about doing a chain ply to preserve the color and I suppose I could still attempt that, but with this shoulder injury it would seem that this option isn’t as readily available.”

Ira:”I see, well let’s look over the photos shall we?”

20130711_155601IK:”This is the photo of the braid as seen on the 13th day of the tour. Moderate progress was made on the bobbin. In this photo you can definitely see the dark purple color as it falls in line of progression.”

20130712_131836Ira:”Now this photo is interesting to me. Correct me if I am wrong, but this photo is an example of the compacted nature of the braid and the contrast to the fiber after you have puffed it up a bit?”

IK:”Yes Ira, that is correct. In my mind this photo is a great presentation of the pre-drafting that can sometimes be needed before a spinner sets to work. The fibers are approximately the same amount of fiber but even though it is a bit hard to see in this photo, the one on the bottom right is quite a bit larger and fluffier. I believe I may have made the comment “It is so fluffy, I’m gonna die.”

20130712_204552IK:”This photo is from day 14 of the tour and it shows the changes to the colors that happen across the braid. I can say that this day is when I was really feeling the shoulder pain, and so the spinning was significantly less than I had been hoping for. You can see however, that there is a slight barber-pole effect going on with some of the fiber thanks to my drafting technique and the way the fiber was dyed. It definitely provided some visual interest to a day marked with such little progress.”

20130713_215312IK:”This last photo is a bit darker so I apologize Ira. This is an almost four-ounce full bobbin, and you can certainly see the change in the colors this time. The greens we had from the other photos seems to have disappeared. One of the things I love about this fiber is how long the colors can be. I still have around .3 of an ounce left to spin to finish this bobbin and I am hoping that I will be able to finish it sooner rather than later, but we will just have to see I suppose.”

Ira:”Wow, that’s quite the photo progression. Thank you for sharing these with us. Would you say that even with your injuries that you are getting a lot out of the tour? Do you think it is worth the effort?”

IK:”Oh, definitely. The tour has helped me experience new fibers and I have learned a lot about not only myself but about spinning in general. I think I am improving in my consistency which is always a plus for a spinner. I don’t want you or your audience to think that this tour hasn’t been amazing, because it has. I would recommend it to all spinners new and experienced. The chance to approach your knitting almost every day and focus on it is something that has really helped me.”

Ira:”Well, thank you IK. Great words to end on. I want to again thank my guest for stopping by the studio and sharing some of her progress. I am Ira Knittypants reporting live for you on the Tour De Fleece for 2013. Good night everyone and happy spinning.”






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  1. This was fun!! Thank you!

  2. You’re doing great despite the injury! Sadly, despite being team captain, I fell off my bike on about Day Four or Five. Happens to me every year. I start with great hopes and then life proceeds to stand firmly in my path. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  3. Did I catch a Despicable Me reference? 😛 Those colors are really beautiful, and I am in love with how they’re spinning up. I can’t wait to see the finished yarn!

  4. From what I’ve heard, a bit o’ steroid can really boost Tour performance. (wink, wink, nod, nod) 🙂

  5. shellssells permalink

    If it helps any at all, I’ve been spinning and spinning and spinning and I still do not have a skein of yarn to show for it!

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