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The epic tale of the Knitter and the Ruffled Scarf

July 19, 2013

When we last saw our intrepid knitter she was bemoaning her fate with the yarn from hell ribbon that she voluntarily took upon herself to use to make a damn lovely ruffled scarf for her mother. The knitter was complaining to all who would listen about the finicky nature of the yarn from hell ribbon, how it loved to twist itself up into a royal mess. As well as how it required the knitter to knit in some bastardized version of English style. Our knitter refused to quit however, it was a battle of herself against this beast of a project, she would persevere and she would claim victory. Never say die, became her motto. Our knitter sought solace with her comrades in fiber and brought her pain to the wonders that is this blog. After her complaints were made public the knitter continued her journey into the seventh layer of knitting hell. Working on the scarf.



Progress was made, but it was slow and it was painful. The knitter began to feel the pain in her shoulder take hold. Fatigue began to set in and yet the knitter continued. A few more inches were claimed in favor our knitter.



She felt vindicated, her hope renewed. She was going to defeat this yarn. Despite it’s twisty meshy ways it was going down. The knitter grew confident, cocky may be the word that most readily comes to mind. She was sure of her progress, and as proof of this she took the time to weigh the ever decreasing skein, secure in her knowledge of having defeated the skein she had to be almost finished. They say Pride comes before the fall and our knitter learned that lesson yet again. Disbelief set in, the scarf, which had taken almost five hours to knit by this point, was only down by 35 grams. Our knitter had not even hit the halfway point.

Seeking reprieve our knitter returned to her sanctuary, the blog, and began reading the commiseration of her fellow fiber enthusiasts. There were notes of hope, encouragement and maybe a few with a bit of pity. Nestled alongside these comforts were the comments of Lady Q. She had wise words for our knitter and her suggestion of attacking the yarn from hell ribbon in a different way provided the path of salvation. Instead of forcing the yarn from hell ribbon with her needles, Q suggested that the knitter try a hook. Now the knitter is not fluent in the ways of the hook, she has a few on hand to help with borders on occasion, but when it comes to the mysterious ways of the hook our knitter was indeed at a loss. Our knitter consulted their magic box  and the oracle known as Ravelry. Discovering the link to the wonder that is You Tube and in particular this video.

Our tale ends on a happy note.


In other words Victory is Mine. The damn lovely ruffled scarf is finished.




While it took me a longer than an hour and there was a pretty interesting learning curve, I defeated the mighty yarn from hell ribbon mess.



  1. Q – Use a crochet hook. MUCH faster!

  2. Almost a bigger accomplishment than grad school! Kudos to you!

  3. It turned out great and I love the colors…but you have convinced me to stick with regular old wools, silks, and cottons! 🙂

    I hope your next project (and yarn) is a more enjoyable knit. 🙂

  4. Fantastic – said you’d do it!

  5. This is why I hide from novelty yarns.

  6. caityrosey permalink

    Glad you figured it out. I haven’t tried ribbon scarves yet. Plus I never believe people when they quote the amount of time something takes.

  7. Well done, it looks awesome, all tasty and frothy 🙂 I was given some of that ribbon-y stuff for Christmas last year so when it comes to making a scarf from it I’ll have to come back to this post and watch the videos you used so I can (hopefully) tackle the thing!

  8. shellssells permalink

    She is going to absolutely love it. From what you wrote about her, it is perfect.

  9. *LAUGHING UNTIL TEARS ROLL DOWN MY FACE!* I am working with the same stupid yarn right now for my mom and I hate it! I love how it looks but good grief, I hope no one else likes it and wants one!

  10. Congratulations! You conquered it!

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