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Tour Wrap Up

July 22, 2013

Well, it is finally finished. Tour De Fleece ended yesterday (am I the only one heaving a sigh of relief?) I did claim victory on that final 8 ounces of fiber, which is supremely satisfying.


The second bobbin was filled Friday all four ounces of it. Definitely over compensated a bit there. Next came plying, Saturday morning through evening. Producing what I like to call Mega-Bobbin. I probably should have called it quits on this poor bobbin a bit earlier, but I was too stubborn, determined to finish.


Behold the wonder that is Mega Bobbin! This represents almost eight ounces of fiber ( I say almost, because as with almost all of my 2 ply spinning there was that left over bit on one of the other bobbins.) I have the day marked wrong in the Mega Bobbin photo, this was actually completed on Day 22, but photos waited until daylight the final day. Lucky for me Mega Bobbin (that is just fun to say) became Mega Skein. This bad boy clocked in right around 500 yards, making it by far one of my largest ever produced. (Yay me!)


The now-yarn took a little bath and dried most of the final day. (Fun fact it is still damp) I ended up with a slightly modified fractal. Modified in that I divided the fiber in half horizontally, spinning the top as is and the bottom in the more traditional vertical strips. I have no idea if it will look similar to other fractal spun yarn, but I still like the look. The fiber was my oh so favorite, BFL, courtesy of Frabjous Fibers in the Tallulah colorway and was 8 ounces of loveliness.

This marks my final spin for the tour and while I did not manage to achieve nearly as much as I had hoped, in hindsight I still am proud as all get out over my accomplishments. I know that I improved not only in the way I spin, but in my preparation and understanding of fiber. It was a learning experience through and through. One that opened my eyes to the potential of my abilities.

20130722_111633My three lovely skeins. From left:

Frabjous Fibers, BFL, 4 ounces- Iris. Spun as a 2 ply fractal.-220 yards

Snokist Girl Farms, Merino, 4 ounces- Blues. Spun as a chain ply.-177 yards

Frabojous Fibers, BFL, 8 ounces-Tallulah. Spun in a modified fractal.- 500 yards

Total yards spun 897. Which puts me at just around .5 a mile.

How did your tour go?



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  1. sparkeespud permalink

    Lovely spinning. I can say that I didn’t touch my wheel the entire TDF.

  2. This is awesome! Although I didn’t participate, I LOVED seeing what you guys were up to! Maybe next year … 😉 Congratulations! You really can be proud of yourself. 😀

  3. caityrosey permalink

    500 yds is big honkin’ hank. What weight did you end up with?

  4. Pat yourself on the back, ik! Half a mile of yarn is a wonderful accomplishment!

  5. That “Mega Skein” turned out so, so pretty! I can’t wait to see what the yarn becomes! Any ideas, yet?

    • Thanks, I am not positive what I will make yet, I was thinking of doing a color work pattern with the contrast color in black, but who knows.

  6. belesamablue permalink

    Wow. Did you say you’d only been spinning about a year? That looks stunning. 🙂

  7. Great job, beautiful yarn. 🙂

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