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Tardy to the Party

July 29, 2013

This past weekend was one of those odd combinations of relaxing and busy. The hubs and I went on a bit of a preemptive holiday shopping excursion, picking up the gifts for our nieces and nephews. The decision was made to create tie blankets for each of them. Luckily everything happened to be on sale this weekend and I also happened to have an additional discount that could be applied. As of now we have knocked out two of the blankets, which don’t take very long, but when laid out they engulf the living room, and act as homing beacons for the cats.

In knitting news I am still working on the ever-growing pile of socks, and even made progress. But that isn’t even the most..”exciting” news in terms of knitting. I, Introverted Knitter have decided to travel back in time to the year 2004 and finally join the bandwagon that was/is(?) Clapotis. I will admit that I am often out of the loop (at this point I didn’t even know that Knitty existed, let alone the pattern.) Anyway I have been meaning to make this pattern since I saw it (2010 I believe) and yet I always held back. (I might have issues with using those discontinued yarns/colors.) For some reason this weekend I decided to bite the bullet and cast on.  I ended up consulting the oracle (aka Ravelry) for tips and tricks and stumbled into the Clapotis group, where I found the oh so helpful spreadsheets.  Armed with those I bravely (in my mind) cast on and set to work. I decided to use the singular ball of Knit Picks Chroma Fingering in Elfin, that has been hiding out in my stash since Cyber Monday of last year.


The pattern is fairly straight forward, and is knit on the bias, which makes for an interesting look at first. I decided to follow the advice of a few fellow Ravelers and only do the increase section 3.5 times, since I only have the one ball. In terms of the straight sections (section 3 I believe) I am not positive how many repeats I plan on doing, obviously leaving enough to be able to do the decrease section. So far my only problem has been this…


At least this time it isn’t his butt.


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  1. Q – The Clapotis has been on my “to knit” list for at least that long. LOL! One of these days.

  2. great knitting photo, but even better kitty photo – he is so cute, I can see why you don’t disturb him when he sleeps on your knitting.

  3. That’s a very beautiful colour you’ve chosen! 🙂
    I share your problem about yarns – I still have a wonderful skein of sock wool sitting in my stash, but I can hardly bring myself to using it as I imagine it then being knit into something and then, one day, starting to get holes … On the other hand, I could sit ages in front of a blank white paper as a kid, marvelling at the thousands and thousands of possibilities of what to draw on them … and then drawing nothing at all, which is sad.

  4. shellssells permalink

    You are going to love that knit. Seriously. It is one of my favorites. A go to knit.

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