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“It’s the Eye of the Tiger…”

July 30, 2013

It’s a special Fresh from the Needles edition here at the Introverted Knitter. No I didn’t finish the Clapotis yet, but I did manage to knock out one of my WIPS. These socks were started way back in January (wowza.) I can’t say why they took so long, especially since a few other pairs of socks for the giant have been completed in that time.  Anyway these are just my vanilla pattern that I use for the husband, the yarn is Lion Brand-sock ease prints, in the colorway Red Hots.  The yarn is a bit coarser than I prefer, but I have made a pair and half from this yarn before and I know they end up softening a bit over time. 20130729_210731

They are seen here, being modeled by the giant. I ended up doing a bit longer of a toe for these. Decreasing every other row down to 16 total stitches and then using the Kitchener stitch to graft the toes closed.





My favorite parts are the toes, they remind me of those gobstoppers you could get as a kid.

20130729_210830 The husband has said they fit well and he is happy with them. Which is all that really matters in the end. Happy Tuesday!


  1. Q – Love the colors! Gobstoppers! Makes me laugh. When I taught science, I had the students do a Gobstopper lab.

  2. Nice one! Knitting socks for people with big feet is always a challenge – last year, I knit socks for a friend of mine whose feet are 30cms(!!!) long. LONG! It looked ridiculous in my opinion, but she was happy as the socks fit her – and she got mittens for Christmas. :mrgreen:

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