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On and On

August 1, 2013

Clapotis is growing, somewhat steadily which is good. There are now six rows of dropped stitches, which is exciting. This may be due more to the fact that I like dropping them than anything else, but it’s the little things in life. However I am sure it just seems like this project is dragging on and on. To be fair there was little in terms of actual progress for most of the day yesterday. This progress comes from the evening of two days (the day before yesterday and last evening.)

20130730_152121Yesterday was pretty eventful in my life I returned to the doctor and was prescribed more PT for the whiplash and as part of the fiasco with the dentist I get to attend PT for that as well, so obviously fun times here at the Introverted Knitter. I feel like I need to change the title to the always slightly injured knitter or something (just kidding.)  But yesterday ended on a good note, my lys ended up having a sale on Malabrigo yesterday and I managed to score a good lot. The hubs wanted a pair of socks for Christmas and because of a series of rather awkward events last year, it was decided my In-Laws would be getting pairs as well. So we went and pursued the selection and ended up walking away with four skeins (what did you think I wouldn’t end up with anything :D) of oh so wonderful Malabrigo sock.  Shall I distract you with a photo of the goodies? Of course I shall!

20130801_102355The top and bottom are the colors picked out for my In-laws. It was a bit a coincidence they both ended up blue, well to be honest all of the skeins have various hues of blue in them, which probably means something if I really thought about it. Anyway for now I am going to chalk it up to pretty colors and a sale.

The colors are from top to bottom:

Candombe (this one is for me)
Impressionist Sky

Until next time




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  1. Must.. Smoosh.. Malabrigo..

  2. Love the yarn!

  3. MalTru permalink

    I like your clapotis project. It’s pretty.

  4. I am pleased to nominate you for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award. I enjoy reading your blog and share it with others. Here’s a link for more details:

  5. Love Malabrigo yarn! Good luck with your PT

  6. I’m giggling just a little- I’ve knit Clapotis twice. And each time I knew I didn’t necessarily like knitting it but I love the finished product so I trudged on. I totally get it!

  7. that is beautiful yarn! I haven’t knit with malabrigo yet, I can order it online, but, truth be told, over 20€ for one skein of yarn that’s not even 400ms is a bit too much for me. 😉

    I do hope the PT helps you!!

    • Thank you! I completely understand in terms of cost/yardage. I do hope you get a chance to try it sometime, it’s quite lovely.

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