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Introverted Knitter-0 Being sick-1

August 9, 2013

I still suck as a patient, but there seems to be hope. I am currently attempting to sequester myself to the couch for the afternoon, we shall see how well that works. I had hoped to have some knitting to show you for the past two days, because I have definitely been knitting (it’s one of the few things that doesn’t cause the crazy searing pain that all the other activities seem to.) Of course the clapotis the second is actually smaller than I last showed you. Yes you read that right, smaller. Here’s why:

In my infinite wisdom I decided to ignore things like yardage, and counting for my first attempt at the second Clapotis. (-2 points for ignoring logic) I thought I wanted something more shawl like, and throwing caution to the wind I increased until I thought it was large enough (under good advice, if I had followed the first two areas better.) (+1 point for taking on a challenge) I was knitting my way along, proud as could be at the thought of having a beautiful new shawl. (+1 point for confidence) Well as could be expected in my comedy of errors, I quickly realized during the straight section that my ball of yarn was shrinking at an alarming rate (and while I had an extra in reserve, I knew it wouldn’t be enough.) (-1 point for failing to prepare) I debated my options for a few hours, before embracing logic and frogging the thing. (+1 point for coming to my senses.)

Undeterred I cast on for it again. This time reasoning if I made it a bit smaller in terms of increases it would work better, but again refused to calculate yardage or really mastering basic counting. (-3 points for failure to change what I already knew was broken.) This time I ended up having too many stitches on the needles not just once but twice in two different sections (+1 for creativity, but -1 for failing to, you know count.) Despite my issues I continued on, knitting my little heart out, until I realized that I hated the way it was looking. I know I said I wanted a shawl type thing, but I really didn’t enjoy the way it was working up,but did I stop? (-2 points for seeing the problem but not doing anything about it.) You all knew the answer to that one. Finally after supper last night I was looking at the thing and sighing a bit as I did. It looked stupid and I kept frowning at it. (+1 for keeping a civil tongue.)

After showing it to my husband, who commented that it did indeed seem odd, I bit the bullet and frogged the whole thing again. (+2 for being a bigger person and realizing it wasn’t working.) So after frogging the thing a second time, I decided I might want to look up yardage and options before I cast on for this thing again (+1 for changing my ways.) Of course an hour later I had a few new things added to my Ravelry queue and a vague memory of what I was originally supposed to be doing. (-1 point for getting distracted.) I eventually decided, I am just going to knit the thing as a scarf and so I cast on last night.(-1 for not thinking of this sooner) I made it past an increase section before calling it a night. (+1 for realizing my limitations.) Hence the fact that it is smaller than last time.

Score: -1 out of 19 total.



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  1. +2 for making me laugh and nearly spit soda everywhere!

  2. +2 for posting the story 🙂

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