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One of those Days…

August 14, 2013

You know the ones, where everything you are currently working on seems like utter crap. It holds no interest despite the love affair you may have had back at the beginning. When you were first picking the pattern out, or even day dream as you held the skein in your hands. Now, now you are like an old married couple who can barely tolerate being in the same house. The ones that sit across from each other at breakfast alternating staring and cringing as every single thing that they had found enchanting about the other, ever little thing that was a lovable quirk, suddenly grates on their very last nerves. You have had those days right? I am sure almost every knitter, or really anyone with a craft/hobby has had moments like this.

Well mine struck this past weekend and has decided to stay for an extend visit. For some reason it seems that despite having deadlines for a few projects, and despite having access to my wonderful, but oh so modest stash (oh shut up, yeah you in the back I can hear your smirk from here.) I just can’t seem to find anything to capture my interest. Or I then have the overwhelming urge to “cast on all the things!” and of course I am unable to narrow it down/become overwhelmed with the thought of starting so many things. 

I will be honest, I am not always the biggest fan of starting a new project. Really my favorite part about knitting is when you get to the real meat and potatoes part. Where you get to throw yourself into a pattern and really just get into a groove (is it weird I alternated in thinking about that movie, “How Stella Got Her Groove Back,” (which I have never actually seen) and for some odd reason, that Disney remake of the Emperor’s New Clothes (Where the tagline was, “beware the groove,”) The mind is a funny thing sometimes.) Anyway as I was saying, I much prefer to be in that middle stage. Now, since I decided to say that, I will anger the knitting fates and enter into a period of black hole knitting that would make Sisyphus’ challenge seem like a brief interlude.

I guess the reason I like that middle part so much (well usually, because of course right now I am obviously complaining about being there. I am nothing if not a contradiction.) stems from the fact that when you first start a project you (or maybe just me) are concentrating so much on trying to get everything right that  you don’t get to sit down and enjoy the knitting. The end, of course is where you realize alternately that you will still have ends to weave in, that you may or may not have screwed up the project so much that you are considering throwing it in the closet and denying any and all knowledge about its existence, that suddenly what seemed like a beautiful color/pattern suddenly makes you look ill or like some hideous monster who seems to be able to at least to have mastered knitting 101, and/or that you will soon have to pick another project to begin the fiddly process all over again.

At least in the middle you are far enough removed to find the start of the pattern (which you may or may not have had to rip out five thousand times because you kept making the same mistake.) Yet you are far enough away that you don’t have to worry about how you are going to finish it.

There is a thread on Ravelry going on right now, discussing this very same problem. As the original poster put it, despite the access to tons of patterns and their stash they can’t seem to find that perfect project, but they will know it when they see it. I guess that is how I feel. Despite hours (and hours) browsing through Ravelry and my own patterns nothing seems to strike my fancy.

So there in lies my problem. What is a knitter to do when, you aren’t a big fan of the beginning or the end, but all of your current stuff, while in that oh so wonderful middle stage, seems to be the equivalent of what the cat threw up on your carpet this morning?


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  1. shellssells permalink


  2. Usually the first day or two I’m in a knitting funk I put the knitting away and immerse myself in another hobby for a bit, or read an entire novel. If I still don’t feel like working on all of my projects after that, I give in and cast on something small for some instant gratification. That’s usually enough to get me going again!

  3. doctordana permalink

    When I fall into the knitting doldrums, I make a quilt! Or at least, I pull out some fabric, handle it, think about quilting it, look at patterns… all the same stuff you do with your yarn stash while you’re loving it. In a really seriously anti-craft mood, I do something completely different — take lots of walks or plot a novel or learn a foreign language. Sometimes you just need a break; absence does make the heart grow fonder… I always get anti-craft whenever I try to impose a deadline on my projects. Starting has never been a problem, but finishing always is, and feeling obligated to finish something is a death knell to my motivation.

  4. HA! I just pawed through my entire stash of fiber and yarn over the weekend and was struck by the same monster! I have no interest in the deadline project I am working on and want to do ALL the other things all at once! UGH.

  5. Go yarn shopping somewhere new and write a pattern for something small and quick you’ve never made before.

  6. I have a personal cure for this – dishcloths. When I get in a rut, I dig out the Sugar and Cream from the back of the stash and start making dishcloths. You can go fancy or easy – I like the super-easy ones where you cast on three stitches and increase from there. It’s quick, instant gratification and simply keeps my hands busy until some level of inspiration strikes. As you’ve probably seen on my blog, this can sometimes go for an extended period, such as one lengthy illness that resulted in a full dozen. Your mileage may vary, of course, but I’d rather do one of these which I can finish quickly than sink myself into a sweater that I’m not crazy about and end up having to finish the darned thing.

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