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Who rescued who?

September 16, 2013

The sock and I have continued our somewhat casual relationship. I did manage to knock out the heel and gusset this weekend, which was a rather nice achievement. We have been crazy fortunate to have some fall like weather around here and so the windows have been thrown open to invite the fresh air in. The cats are more than thrilled, they wake me up each morning waiting for pets and after a marathon session they head back to the window where they become fascinated by all the sights, sounds and of course smells.

One of our cats, in particular, becomes obsessed with falling leaves.  He stalks them through the screen door, his eyes wide and his butt wiggling just waiting to pounce. There have been a few occasions when a leaf manages to make its way indoors and he instantly becomes king of the beasts. His chest puffs up and he prances around with that leaf proud as can be. Woe to those who attempt to take it from him (trust me the scratches aren’t worth it.) It always amazes me how the cats seem to find ways to stay entertained, how some of the seemingly mundane things become sources of pride or interest for them.  I love watching them snoozing in the sunlight, stretched out and seemingly carefree. Watching them bound gracefully from the couch to the coffee table, to the floor, suspended in air for moments at a time.

We rescued these two almost four years ago, they were found with their siblings in an abandoned barn (then taken to the vet.) I can still remember the days we brought them home. We ended up getting one of them first, and after realizing that two is better than one (there may have been some gentle persuasion on my end) we went back and chose the second of our pair. The difference in time between claiming the two was minimal (a day or three) but the difference in adjustment lasted far longer. Our first one (the gray one) was pretty quick to adjust to us. He bonded quite quickly with my husband and surprisingly (or not) they have similar personality temperaments. Our tabby (the second one) remains a bit skittish to this day, but he has managed to come miles in improvement. He and I are a lot of alike, worriers and yet we are still able to find the joy in our lives.

It seems like such a small act, adopting these two kittens, and bringing them into our lives. I never expected to experience the level of concern and sometimes annoyance when it came to the tiny fur beasts, I worry when they get sick (rarely thankfully) and frustrated when they misbehave. I often say we have two feral rescues, because that is what they were, tiny little kittens wild as could be.  Yet in the last four(ish) years they have become as much a part of family as either of us. We have a bumper sticker magnet  that reads “Who rescued Who?”I really like it, because when it comes right down to it, those little fur beasts saved us just as much, as we saved them.




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  1. lol we have a leaf chaser, too. The few times we let her on the deck in the fall she just is beside herself as the leaves fall around her. And as you say, if one gets in the house – oh my! They are so much fun to play with, these little lionesses.

  2. I have a trio that’s the same way. They were born on our back porch and abandoned by their mama so we bottle raised them from the time they were an hour old on but I don’t know who rescued whom, either!

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