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An updated list of the 25..err 26 things about the Introverted Knitter

September 20, 2013

So today technically marks the day before my birthday, but since I don’t (usually) post on the weekend I figured I would continue the trend set last year and share an updated list of 25 26 things about the Introverted Knitter. (In part because more than a few things aren’t accurate anymore, you can read last years list here.)

In celebration of the quarter of a century, plus one year that I have been alive, I decided to share 25 26 things about me, that you may not already know.

1. I am still short, to the point that there are more than a few places where my feet dangle.

2. If I could have any sports car in the world it would be a vintage Shelby Cobra (blue with the white racing stripe)

3. I recently started back to school for another bachelor’s degree (this will be number 2)

4. I ended getting shingles over the summer, and it sucked

5. I actually love cooking, but often have little confidence in what I make (despite glowing reviews)

6. Given a choice between cake or pie, I will almost always choose cake (unless the pie in question is pumpkin)

7. I have only been in two weddings in my life (my brother’s as a bridesmaid and my own, as the bride)

8. I love Buster Keaton movies

9. I have never renewed a lease on an apartment Totally not true anymore! Yeah buddy!

10. I am afraid of large dogs

11. I am lactose intolerant

12. I have never been in a car accident (not even a minor fender bender) sadly not true anymore.

13. Despite my fear of heights, if I could have one super power it would be the ability to fly.

14. I have never been skiing before (water or snow.)

15. I recently cut over 11 inches of my hair (and will be donating it )

16. I prefer my coffee, cream no sugar

17. My birthday is technically the last day of Summer

18. I’ve always wanted to have a pet english bulldog

19. I unintentionally tend to buy brand specific items (ex// Swiss Gear, Lenovo)

20. I have astigmatism

21. I sometimes joke that I have an introvert battery and after prolonged exposure to people it gets drained. It seems to be a fairly accurate description, and also helps others understand what I mean when I say I need alone time.

22.  I suffer from TMJD

23. I love big cats (such as Lions, Tigers)

24. One of my favorite actresses is Meryl Streep

25. I can’t walk in high-heels (I resemble a newborn gazelle or deer)

26. My favorite kind of cake is grasshopper (creme de menthe and chocolate…yum yum yum)



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  1. slippedstitches permalink

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Quiltercaroline permalink

    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a greaet day and year to come. C x

  3. Holy cow! It’s so nice to meet someone who loves Buster Keaton too! (Usually I’m lucky if anyone knows who Buster Keaton is.) Happy birthday IK!

  4. Happy birthday tomorrow, and enjoy your lists while they’re doable (I’d hate to come up with 47 things and growing….) 😉

  5. Happy early birthday!!!!

  6. Happy birthday for tomorrow 🙂

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