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In Hushed Tones

September 27, 2013

I am not even sure if I should be talking about this, perhaps it will only lead to my downfall (likely) It seems like a  thing to only be spoken of in hushed tones, confined to dimly lit corners, where it seems more rumor than fact.  Groups of knitters, mentioning a friend of a friend,who knows this person, who had this happen. But I am here to say that the myths are true.

It would seem, against all odds that the Holiday socks (pt.1) are going off without a hitch.  They are practically flying off the needles. The first one was completed this past Sunday and I am already halfway through the foot of the second one. (As someone who still has socks on the needles from before last Christmas, this is something that can be scarcely believed.)

The socks, not pictured for their own safety,(lest they burst into spontaneous flames because I am getting cocky enough to post about their ease and speed) are zooming along. Seriously an almost entire sock in a week (now bear in mind these are giant-sized socks, not my piddly little kid-sized for me socks.  No these babies are meant for size 14-16 US men’s.) I am almost in shock at the speed they are knitting up. I feel like I knit for just a tiny little bit and boom I finished the cuff, a few more rounds and whammo! I am at the heel flap already. Now, now that I am on the foot (usually the worst in terms of length and time) and I am already halfway to the toe decreases (which zipped right along on the last one, so much so that I almost didn’t realize how far I decreased.)

I don’t know if it is just the socks or if I have finally had things click into place as a knitter, but suddenly I am able to pick up the stitches for a gusset and have it look good, darn good. My tension has been even and the yarn hasn’t even been a big pest (a big issue when it comes to me an socks.) Frankly I am waiting for something bad to happen, fearful that my good luck will run out, but as of yet the socks are going…perfectly (okay, now lightening will strike me, just to seek some balance.)

I realize I run a great risk with the knitting powers that be, by sharing this with you all. It is almost certain that I am probably placing the poor sock in perilous danger and preparing myself for crushing defeat. I had to share with someone, because frankly the ease is a little unnerving. I don’t think I have  ever had a project go this well.

How about you? Ever have a project where everything seemed to click? Where everything fell into place and suddenly you felt like a knitting superstar?




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  1. Oh man, I definitely don’t talk about those projects until they’re done. The knitting fates are cruel and capricious. Aren’t those sorts of projects just the best though?

  2. sparkeespud permalink

    Glad to hear they are coming along well. Sometimes a project just materializes before you.

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