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The Easter Bunny Commeth

October 16, 2013

I may have mentioned a time or two that my mother and I have different tastes in colors and fashion. I am someone who  prefers to stay within naturally occurring colors, and even within that I tend to be drawn to more fall and winter colors. My mother is the exact opposite, she prefers bright, flashy and very much in your face.  Do you know about the latest trend towards neon colors? She loves it, absolutely loves it, whereas I find myself wanting to cry out that my eyes are melting whenever I happen upon a tennis ball bright object. Fashion is the same way.

As I shared back when I worked on the scarf of doom, being a knitter you can often find yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place, also known as knitting stuff you really don’t like out of yarn you really don’t like, for people you really do like. Yeah, my mom’s gifts tend to consistently fall in this category. Now I hear you asking, “Introverted Knitter, why do you knit gifts for your mom, if they drive you nuts/make you want to throw yourself on to a pile of dpns/seem to make you blind from an overload of colors?” Well my dear reader, it is because like most knitters I have this undeniable urge to smother wrap those I love in woolly goodness, (well except my bestie, I don’t want her to actually die, so she often gets bamboo or silk.) I am a knitter, and I want to use my skills to share with others a gift of my time and an expression of my love, (well that and it is easier to justify the yarn stash this way.)

So here we are, on our way to the holidays and I am once again faced with the task of figuring out a gift for my mom. Now I have given her a variety of knitted things in the past, but this year was the first time she mentioned a desire for some woolly goodness. She works at an elementary school and part of her job entails going out during recess. It would seem, my lovely readers, that my mother is in need of a hat (and possibly some mittens.) Well as a knitter I pounced on the idea of providing a solution to a chilly problem. I combed the stash for some of the brightest and most outrageous colors I had, and success was achieved.

Behold, the product of a Cyber-Monday induced yarn purchase.

20131016_124202This Easter Bunny brightly colored ordeal is destined to be a hat. I am 99% sure my mother will love it, (in no small part because the colors make me want to shiver.) So here I go plunging into the depths of hell a hat for the holidays.

Have you ever found yourself knitting something so totally out of the norm for you, as a gift for someone else? 



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  1. You must love your mom a lot and if she wears that then she must be a lot of fun!

  2. At least hats are done quickly. Perhaps sunglasses whilst you’re knitting may help? 🙂

  3. My sister and I are total opposites when it comes to color. Here’s how I tell if she will like a color – if it makes me gag and get depressed. I am sure she says the way she tells what i like is if it is a gaudy blue. 🙂 While I do knit things for her, I try to find those colors that I can tolerate that she loves – coral is one of them (she calls it pink, I call it orange) but when it comes to greens, I just can’t knit for her, I have tried, but I get too depressed. I love the greens with lots of blue in them, she prefers the ones with more yellow.

  4. caityrosey permalink

    Oh yes. I lace shawl in rainbow colors for my aunt. it really suits her. She’s a bit like your mom, only for jewel colors,not pastel.

  5. spinningayarn01 permalink

    I have this problem when knitting for myself. I really like to buy and knit with colorful handpainted yarn but I don’t like to wear it. Whenever I want to a sweater for myself I do it with more subdued yarn. I don’t love the yarn as I knit it but I end up with a sweater I will wear. I think every sweater I’ve knit has been grey.

  6. sparkeespud permalink

    Ahh the things we do for those we love. I wish you good luck in this endeavour!

  7. the pink socks for my little niece in bright pink. :mrgreen: I’d personally BARF over the colour, but she requested it and as I wouldn’t have made a fuss about any other colour, I told myself to act like an adult ( 😉 ) and just get to work. I managed to find a pattern with a little lacey flower pattern – and she absolutely loved the socks. That was okay. 😀

  8. slippedstitches permalink

    Yes, I have knitted objects in colors that were outside my color comfort zone. I still enjoyed the knitting process, but looked forward to the moment when I no longer had to look at them night after night.

  9. I like it! The colours would make me look ill, but it is very Springlike. I try to avoid knitting things I really don’t like. Like you I knit for love, but I drew the line when my enormous husband pointed out a stocking stitch 4 ply jumper pattern he wanted. In black.

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