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Altitude Adjustment

October 22, 2013

This past Friday found the husband and I rising early, (stupid-o’clock in the morning) kind of early and heading to the mile high city (Denver,CO.)


The road seen here at Stupid O’Clock in the Morning

This was my first time getting to see the mountains (not counting the time I flew over them back in high school)  and I was more than a little excited.  We drove and drove (and drove) and can I just say that Nebraska (like most of the Midwest) is very flat and boring after the first three hours?


Luckily we hit the border (a little after the time change)  and finally some scenery changes! The biggest surprise?



Now I am not normally the biggest fan of snow, but for some reason it didn’t bother me as much.  Luckily along the way we managed to spot a fun sign.



Sadly I couldn’t convince the man to stop to see if there was yarn. After driving for another few hours, we finally managed to make it to our destination relatively unscathed. My excitement mounted as I waited for my first glimpse of the mountains, but as luck would have it, it ended up being too cloudy to get a decent view, although we did manage to see the skyline.


After a brief respite in our hotel, we set off on our first adventure of the trip, a tour of a local whiskey distillery, Stranahan’s. The tour was pretty awesome, they break down the process and walk you through the history of the brand (and some whiskey making 101) and at the end you get a chance to try out their brand.


Not being a Whiskey drinker, I ended up giving the majority of my tasting to my husband (who is a Whiskey drinker) he says it was very good, smooth and robust in flavor. All I could tell you was it burned. We ended up picking up a bottle and a “weeble wobble” (the distillery’s unofficial term for their Dram.) As an early Christmas present.


The husband, seen here with is brand new bottle of whiskey.

We had dinner at the pub attached to the distillery, where I got a chance to try out an oh so delicious hard cider, (my drink of choice btw) Colorado Cider Company Pear Snicke. I would recommend the pub and tour (of course) to anyone in or visiting the area. After an entire day of travel and full bellies we headed back to the hotel preparing to relax and unwind, we realized our luck had started to turn…


I finally got to see some mountains.





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  1. Oh wow! In 2011 we took a trip to Colorado and I saw my first mountains too. Definitely drive up, they are even more impressive (if it’s possible) up close!

  2. Welcome to Denver! There are lots of great yarn shops here, just sayin’…

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