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Socks: My Secret

November 6, 2013

I will start off by sharing a not so secret fact about me. I love knitting socks (even for the giant.) There is something just so awesome knowing that I am making a sock, maybe it’s the thrill of turning a heel, maybe it is the fact that I love all the varieties of sock yarn out there, heck maybe it’s because it’s one of those things that I can make (relatively quickly) that I know can 99%* of the time change people’s opinions on hand knits.  Socks are portable, they are easy (or can be once you figure out the basics) they can be fussy, dressy, laid back and outrageous.  Often times people are willing to wear things a little out of their comfort zone when they know it can be hidden under pant legs and tucked in shoes. Hand knit socks, as my husband likes to say “are like a personalized hug for your feet.” As a family of unusually sized feet (size 15(men) him, size 5-6(women) me) hand knit socks help us find that perfect fitting pair. I could go on (and on) but I think I have made my point (and I do have one) that I love hand knit socks.

Okay so secret revealing time. I struggled with how to wear my socks for a long time (yes, to all of those who would like to cleverly point out, they go on your feet, thanks.) The fact is since I started making hand knit socks, I struggled with the comfort level. It appears my otherwise “rugged”** feet are bothered by the ridges you get on the inside of the socks. (It’s the “purl side” for lack of a better term right now.) So I found myself with a plethora of wonderfully hand knit socks and I just couldn’t wear them. Of course I don’t really want to say how long it took me to figure out an “easy” fix (hangs head in shame) but I did find a fix. For now I just turn my socks inside out and hooray comfy sock time! I do plan on correcting this on future socks, I just have to figure out a way to do it that doesn’t require endless rows of purling (though I am guessing I will need to one way or another) There isn’t anything wrong with turning them inside out, it just looks a little goofy when you see the leg peek out. In the end it’s a very minor secret but one that still needed to be shared.

Do you have any secrets related to knitting? Any items you love to knit but can’t stand to wear? Have you come up with some clever tricks to get around a difficulty in using your hand knits? I would love to hear about them in the comments. Help me feel less alone!


* I understand that there are far easier/quicker ways to help people understand the awesomeness of hand knits, but socks are one of the few that have succeeded without fail for me (granted I have very limited experience in gifting, and who knows after this holiday season maybe I will have to change my tune.)

** I was a very willfully barefoot child, and even now I try to avoid shoes and socks like the plague.


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  1. I, too, am a voracious sock knitter! And I also struggle with BSS (Bumpy Sock Syndrome). I found the perfect, thin, almost non-existent under-socks (like underwear for your feet 🙂 I find it also keeps my hand knit socks from stretching out.

  2. I read somewhere about someone knitting a cuff, I think it was, and then essentially turning the knitting around so they were knitting the other way, if that makes sense. So what I would suggest is knit the foot normally (if you do socks toe up), then turn the knitting in-side out, before knitting the leg. As long as you wrap the stitch as you do that, it’s very difficult to notice. And if you hide it in the heel flap, it’s even harder to spot. And exactly the same for cuff-down socks, just turn the sock inside out before working the foot. It means that you’ll have purls showing on the foot, but that hardly matters!

  3. slippedstitches permalink

    I have my eye on 3 simple sweater designs that are just what i’ve been looking for. But I won’t purchase the patterns because I know I will never wear any of them once they are done. Instead I will gently pack them away in acid free paper, and store them in a box in the cedar closet so they won’t get ruined. It’s beyond absurd. It’s probably some deep seated psychiatric knitting problem.

  4. Maybe you could just purl the bottoms of the socks, where your feet are pressing on them?

  5. shellssells permalink

    I think alpaca is extremely itchy. Yes, I know, it is supposed to be the soft alternative to wool. It isn’t soft for me! I’d wear an itchy wool over the nicest alpaca, because alpaca always itches. I wish that wasn’t the case, but there it is.

  6. I have often found that socks, towels and sheets are dumb, because the softest/coziest side is also the prettiest side, the side that’s meant to be worn/faced outwards, meaning not against one’s skin. This seems like a fairly obvious design flaw to me. So, like you, I just use stuff inside out so I get the cozy benefit!

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