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FFNF: Holiday Gift 1 Complete!

November 8, 2013

Hello there! The sun is shinning and the leaves are blowing about like they are ballerinas in a Hollywood style cat fight. Speaking of cats, mine are freaking out enjoying watching out the windows. Why the optimism you ask (perhaps slight fear in your voice?) Well Dear Readers, as the title of today’s post states, I have managed to knock out an entire holiday gift. Add to that it is for a person who is pretty difficult to shop for AND the fact that I used stash yarn AND the fact that it isn’t even the second half of November yet, well you can understand my glee. I swear if it was socially acceptable to partake of a celebratory drink this early in the day I may just do it, but restraint and a desire to not develop a reputation as the soused would-be writer to my neighbors I will hold back.

The reason for such unbridled joy? Do you remember the oh-so- pastel-Easter Bunny Commeth hat? Of course you do, it is burned into each and every one of your retinas, the colors, the hues, the disturbing way it made you crave those little marshmallow sugar-coated Peeps (okay maybe that last part is just me.)  Anyway the hat that we all remember was not enough for my mom’s gift. A brief summary of the reasons for the EBC hat, my mom loves all colors that are bright, vibrant and pretty much the polar opposite of me. My mom also works at a school serving lunch and going outside with the kids during recess, and she has complained of being cold. So as a knitter my mission was clear.

Behold the response to someone telling me they are cold*:

20131108_100625The mittens are a basic mitten shape, on US size 3 needles. I used an entire skein plus the tiny part of blue you see on the right hand-thumb. (This was left over from the hat, thankfully.) I am not quite sure why the left mitten looks so wonky in the photo, rest assured it resembles the right one, in its ability to lie flat.  Yarn was the same as the hat, Knit Picks Felici Sport in Macaroon. Want to see the group shot?


With that the holiday gift knitting is heading into a more serious tone. I have less projects than normal this year, which is fine by me because, “holy cheese and rice, when did it get to be Nov. 8 ?” I can’t help but remember how this time of year I always have this overwhelming urge to knit tons of stuff for me all of a sudden. Anyone else get that feeling? Happy Friday.


  1. Amanda permalink

    This has nothing to do with your post, but I saw this and had to share 🙂

    But about your post, I do love the colors. Its a very nice glove/hat combo!

    P.S. can you send me your address, because I have a thank you note written out to send you for your baby gift 🙂

  2. slippedstitches permalink

    love the colors. they are perfect.

  3. Fabulous!!! Love the colors. I’m glad I’m not the only knitter that feels called to cover everyone in warm winter wear. I’m already starting my list of things to make for Christmas 2014. Mind you that’s a list nothing is accomplished as of yet.

  4. Fab rainbow gift for your mum……well done you getting such an early start on your Christmas gift knitting.

  5. Yup, I want to knit things for everyone >.< it's cold, and my friends and family might be chilly!

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