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FFN: Hand Spun Hat

November 11, 2013

I cast this on a little over a week ago and actually finished it last Friday. Knit using some hand spun (my first full 8 ounces spun to be exact.) It is in my oh-so-favorite BFL and a chain ply. I definitely see a difference in my spinning from then to now (even though this wasn’t too terribly long ago.) Part of the reason for the hat has to do with the fact that I knocked out a pair of mittens in the same stuff a while ago. The other part is I seem to be on a bit of hat kick right now, which is actually pretty perfect now that my hair is short it helps with the Autumn chill.  So without further ado…the hand spun hat.




My one “issue” is that the hand spun seems to be quite dense compared to commercial yarn. My guess is that since this is part of the still learning faze of spinning the loftiness isn’t there. Oh well, it works and I have  another hat under my belt.

How’s your crafting going?

  1. Gorgeous colorway!

  2. shellssells permalink

    If you ever want to talk spinning when we are together, I can bring some scrap wool and show you some of the stuff I learned in that class in Taos. You may find some of it useful in practicing toward a loftier yarn. The hat is fab though, dense or not. And our weather is sure to get cold cold cold soon enough!

  3. Turning fluff into wearable product = Satisfation! 😀

  4. caityrosey permalink

    Some of my handspun is very dense too. I have to remind myself not to let my yarn have a little loft and not to smooth it to death when spinning my singles and when plying.

  5. Oooooh! I love seeing handspun stuff, and the colors are just scrumptious!

  6. belesamablue permalink

    Those colours are gorgeous. Good work! Wish I could spin.

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